Prayer for this date

Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- July 15

Dear Lord, help me to see that the real problem is not what happens to me but rather how I react that makes the difference. Teach me, Oh Lord, to deal with the circumstances in my life so that they will not be able to disturb my "inner peace and joy" in You. ... Help me to come to know You by studying Your Word and building a relationship with You. Remind me to put on Your armor* and to recognize my real enemy. Engrave in my heart that You are greater than any evil that can attack me.** ... As long as I abide in You, You have promised to abide in me. Give me Your gift of faith and help me to remain steadfast.

In Your holy name I pray.


     * (See Eph. 6)    ** (See I John 4:4)

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