Prayer for this date

Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- July 19

Dear Lord, help me to learn that You have a purpose for me right where I am -- whether happy or depressed, secure or frightened, well or ill, going forward or marking time -- there is something that I can do for You, Lord. ... You can use me every day of my life! Show me how, Lord. ... Help me to take time to listen, and to chip away at my self-centeredness, that I may "know" within me Your Holy Spirit's leading. ... Help me to want to make Your will my will, in both big and little things -- such as to encourage another, to show love and kindness, or to lend a helping hand. ... No matter my present circumstances, it is up to me to enlarge the vistas of my life, isn't it? Open my eyes to see the opportunities that You provide for me to reflect You each day.

This I ask in Jesus' name.


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