Prayer for this date

Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- September 2

Dear Lord, we have prayed that You would raise up righteous leaders for our country -- men of integrity and moral example who will lead this nation to fulfill Your vision and our dreams. Give us the wisdom to recognize them, for we have often been deceived. ... Remind us that integrity and morality are not just words to be bandied about, but words to be reflected in one's everyday conduct. These are essential in building character. ... Let us demand these qualities for these leaders and for ourselves, for no nation, no society, and no family can long survive without standards that require honesty and responsibility in all of our actions, dealings, and relationships. Only then will we and our leaders set honorable examples for our youth to follow. Only then can we rightfully sing: "GOD BLESS AMERICA." ... Help us, Lord, to become the nation that You want us to be. Let us reclaim Your vision for our country; with Your help we can!

In Jesus' name we pray.


© 2000 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.