Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- September 6

Dear Lord, sometimes life is just too hectic, too fast-paced! I am apt to cry out, "Lord, give me patience, right now!" When will I learn? Often times after such a prayer, I find myself stalled in a traffic jam, or caught in a supermarket line where the person checking out can't find her pen or her identification card. It is getting so that I am almost afraid to pray that prayer, Lord, for You seem to answer it by giving me more opportunities to practice patience! ... Remind me even then, that You didn't tell me to crowd so many activities into my schedule that 24-hour days would not be long enough! In fact, You don't even tell time by hours and minutes, do You? You might even see some things in my schedule that should have been left out. ... Help me Lord, to consult You before I plan my day, and not run ahead of You.

In Jesus' name I pray.


© 2000 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.