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Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- September 30

Dear Lord, help us to think about Ruth Brown's observation that: "We should resolve to be more understanding of the very young, the old, the weak, and the sick. Sometime in life we will each have been all of these." ... Help us to understand our generational differences. Young people have new ideas, new ways to do things, energy, and enthusiasm to offer. Older people have wisdom, learned from years of trial and error. It is hard for older people to stand by and be ignored, and see the next generation make the same mistakes rather than building on knowledge already gained. ... Help us to learn to respect each other's gifts and achievements. ... If we can't do this, why would anyone want to exercise and take vitamins in order to become healthy "senior citizens?" ... Is this generation's answer abortion, and euthanasia next? Oh Lord, help us each to realize that life is Your precious gift for each of us to live wisely, with Your help and within Your will.

In Jesus' name we pray.


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