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1946-1964 Willys Pickup Bed Willys Parts Album Willys DWG

To: 1946-'64 Willys Jeep pickup owners:

Thank you for your interest in our products. Here's what you've been looking for; an exact reproduction of the pickup bed for your Willys! This faithful replica is accurate in every detail, with the quality that you've come to expect from us here at Precision Coachworks.

It is sold in kit form only, with the tailgate assembly completely spot-welded.
Other sub-assemblies are spot-welded together, with a small amount of welding/grinding to be completed by the customer. The balance of assembly, to be performed by the customer, involves assembling the major components (floor sections/cross members, side panels, and header panel, by plug welding.) Complete your assembly by installing tailgate assembly and parts that are particular to your year. Grind flush those plug welds that are visible, and you're all set for your choice of paint! Complete drawings and dimensional data are included in the kit.

Order from our distributor:
Walck's Four wheel Drive, 700 Cedar Street,
Bowmanstown, PA 18030 (610-852-3110)
Parts are available separately. Price on request

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