December, 2013: Good news! Harbor Freight has started selling the motorcycle attachment for their tire changing stand again!

If you've already bought your Harbor Freight motorcycle tire changing stand, you've probably noticed the rim-grabbing jaws are made of powdercoated steel.  That's fine for the crusty steel rims from your '82 Pontiac, but what about your beautiful, chromed/painted alloy motorcycle wheels?  In an effort to protect their rims, users have tried lining those jaws with all kinds of things: electrical tape, duct tape, sliced-up rubber hose, and plastic dip, to name a few items.  But unless you're careful about securing this stuff, it can slip out of place, leaving you with damaged rims. 

The solution?  Mojoblocks:







With a set of Mojoblocks, you can easily retrofit your Harbor Freight tire-changing stand so that it will grip your rims without scratching them.   The cutout in each Mojoblock is wide enough to accommodate even the tubeless wire-spoke wheels from BMW's GS-series bikes. 

What's included in the Mojoblock package, and how do I install them?

The Mojoblock package includes three Mojoblocks, three Nylock nuts and three bolts - one for each jaw on your Harbor Freight tire changer. To install them, you just need to drill a bolt hole in each jaw on your Harbor Freight tire-changing stand, and bolt the blocks in place.  Click here to view the installation manual.

You sell three different styles of Mojoblocks. How do I know which ones I need?

To my knowledge, there are three different jaw styles on Harbor Freight tire changers. If you have not already purchased your Harbor Freight tire changer, I recommend doing so before you buy the Mojoblocks. Examine the rim-grabbing jaws on your changer and compare them to this chart:

OK, sounds great.  How Much For A Set of Mojoblocks?

The price is $30, and that includes postage to anywhere in the 48 lower United States.  If you need it shipped somewhere else, email me and we’ll work something out. 

I'm ready to buy!  How Can I Order/Pay?

I currently have a limited quantity of Mojoblocks ready to ship! Please email me to confirm availability of the type you need and receive payment instructions.

Should I fill my tires with nitrogen?

For more information, check out my FAQ on nitrogen for tires.

What else have you got?

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-Mitch Patrie