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Ongoing Ministries at Prince of Peace:

Please call the church office at 752-7753 or email  for more information.

Bulletin Announcements:  The purpose of the weekly bulletin announcement is to communicate to members, friends, and visitors about Prince of Peace’s ministries, business and activities. Communication is imperative to the smooth running of the church.  The announcements can be a vital part of communication and can contribute to the effective communication of God’s work among God’s people.
     Secretary:  Deanna Outsen                         
Announcement Guidelines (pdf file)

Ministry Teams and Leaders:

Audit Committee: Matt Outsen
Financial Committee:
Mutual Ministry Committee:
Regina Dickinson
Campus Ministry: Pastor Scott Thalacker
Christian Education: Kathy Scott (coordinator)
Congregational Health Team: Gail Drew
Evangelism Team:
Sandra Weingart
Fun and Fellowship:
Property Team:
Matt Outsen
Jon Grussendorf
Worship Ministry Team:
Joan Mahoney
Praise Worship:
Jackie Foltynowicz
Youth Ministry:
Erin Mahoney

Campus Ministry:

A Taizé Pilgrimage of Trust to Pine Ridge Reservation: On May 24th through 27th, 2013, a stage in the “pilgrimage of trust on earth” will take place in Red Shirt, South Dakota, a tiny village at the edge of the Badlands on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The outdoor gathering will include meditative prayer together three times a day, Bible study, workshops, small group sharing, and meals together, provided by the local Lakota people. The event is meant for young people aged 18-35, a voice rarely heard in the church or in society. Participants will be camping in tents at the site of the meeting.
How much will it cost? The cost will be $50, which includes meals at the gathering, plus food money for the trip out and back. Please also chip in for transportation costs as you are able.

Who is invited?
Young people aged 18-35
When? Departing Logan early on Wednesday, May 22, returning late on Monday, May 27. We plan to stop and see some cool things on the way out to Pine Ridge.
What is Taizé?
An ecumenical (Catholics, Protestants, etc.) Christian community in France that is well-known for its powerful and simple worship. Each year, many thousands of people, especially young adults, gather at Taizé for worship and learning. For more information, see
How do I register?
Contact Pastor Scott ASAP for a form. $50 non-refundable will be taken at the time of registration. Space is limited! Sign up today!

Congregational Health: Gail Drew

Christian Education:It is the mission of Prince of Peace to provide "Christian Education classes which nurture and share God's love; teaching and discussing stories from the Bible and how they relate to us all, from preschool to adult on each individual's faith journey. Our goal is to create a strong foundation of faith in children and adults as they experience the love of Jesus Christ through the study of God's Word in a caring Christian Community." Christian Education is a lifelong pursuit and a vital part of our spiritual lives.
Coordinator: Kathy Scott

     Adult Education      Youth Education      Lutheran Campus Ministry

Mutual Ministry Team:
God has entrusted the Gospel to earthen vessels-people like you and me. As earthen vessels, Christians can both empty themselves for others and they can be filled from another (ii Cor. 4:2). The primary purpose of the Mutual Ministry Team is to affirm and strengthen the mission of the congregation and the ministry of the staff. This is not done through programs but through listening and clarifying, sharing and communicating, review and reflecting. The original organizing documents of the ELCA church called for a Staff Support Committee (C13) within each congregation. The synod is now calling these committees Mutual Ministry in recognition of the need for us to minister to one another. Mutual Ministry is actually the equipping and supporting of all baptized members so they can, in turn, carry the gospel into the world and into the church.
Regina Dickinson  her email is:

The mission of our monthly newsletter, The Proclaimer, is to share the good news of Jesus Christ within the lives and ministry of God's people.
Editor:  Deanna Outsen,
Administrative Secretary                                Newsletter Guidelines (pdf file)

Prayer Chain:
 Deanna Outsen

Property Team: 
The Property Team is to oversee the housekeeping and repairs necessary to maintain the Prince of Peace grounds and any building structures in a safe, functional, and hospitable manner. The Property Team will coordinate efforts with volunteers and only hire outside services after approval from the Congregational Council.
Contact: Matt Outsen

Web Site: 
The Prince of Peace web site is a communications tool that serves two purposes:  1) to provide information in a timely manner to current members of our congregation; and 2) to give a virtual viewer and possible visitor a look at whom we are and what we do. It is the job of the web master to maintain the site and keep it up-to-date.
Web Master:  Michael Groll 
                       Web Site Guidelines (pdf file)

Worship Ministry Team: Our vision is to provide worship experiences that draw upon our Lutheran heritage, including the presentation of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, while exploring and implementing diverse styles of worship. We will do this by planning worship services which boldly express our faith in the true God as the center and source of life. We will continue to use diverse liturgies as well as explore the addition of a contemporary worship service. We will continue to utilize the gifts of lay persons in worship, i.e., liturgists, readers, communion assistants, soloists, choir, proclaimers of God’s word, ushers/greeters, and altar servants. Aware of the need for healing, we will continue to provide services of healing on the fifth Sundays of the month and pursue an ecumenical service of healing. We will also continue to provide worship and ministry opportunities through Lutheran Campus Ministry at Utah State University.
Leader:  Joan Mahoney

Lay Ministry Job Descriptions

Youth Ministry Co-Leaders: Building a common foundation with each individual through social events and service projects, our youth group shares a nurturing environment that supports each other for their Christian beliefs and provides an opportunity to strengthen our own Christian journeys.
Leader: Erin Mahoney


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
930 N  400 West
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Worship Service: 9:30 AM
Christian Education: 11:00 AM


930 N 400 W Logan
e-mail Office:
web page address:
Pastor:  Scott Thalacker
Administrative Secretary: Deanna Outsen

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