PAS Score

The scoring system built into CIV III is good for rating 2 things, population and territory. The bonus for early victories is next to useless though, as an 'early' conquest will almost always come well before an 'early' Space Race victory played with comparable skill. The bonus formula treats all victory conditions equally, and doesn't compensate nearly enough to compete with milking except on very small maps. 

So, in an effort to give a more appropriate score to judge the performance of game play, I have created the PAS (Proc Adjusted Score).  The main purpose of this scoring system is to adjust the score to reward those who complete a victory early.  It also takes into account what type of victory.  One thing that should be pointed out early, is a Defeat of any type your CIV score will equal your PAS Score, because you lost, no adjustments are made.  A java applet version of the this formula is available here.

Here is the Formula for PAS:

PAS = CIV Score + Turn Bonus + Victory Bonus

CIV Score is your Civilization Score at the end of a completed game.

Turn Bonus

Turn Bonus is a Bonus based on how early you finished the game.  This is mainly to offset the increase in CIV score by milking the game.  The formula works to give you credit for having all of the land territory, with a happy worker on each square.  The normal CIV score adds territory squares, happy workers times 2, content workers, and specialists for each turn.  Then, the turns are averaged for the game to that point.  This will create an average assuming that you have all the land, because we want to offset any advantage given by milking the score.

Turn Bonus = ((Base Map * Land Mass Percent * 3 * Turns Remaining) / 540 ) * Level Multiplier

Base Map is the Size of the Map.  A standard map is 100 by 100, so the Base Map is 1000.  Size Below:
Tiny = 60 * 60 = 3600
Small = 80 * 80 = 6400
Standard = 100 * 100 = 10000
Large = 130 * 130 = 16900
Huge = 160 * 160 = 25600

Land Mass Percent is the percentage of Land.  The setup screen ask the water percentage (60,70,80), so you can easily see the land percentage (40,30,20), which is multiplied as a decimal (0.4,0.3,0.2).

Turns Remaining is 540 (max turns) minus the turn in which the game ended (victory was achieved).

Level Multiplier is a value that helps control the value of score based on the level being played.  The CIV score contains a similar multiplier, which is why scores increase with each level.  The levels are based on the levels in Conquests, which means, if you are playing Play to World or the original, it is better to use Demigod value for Deity to prevent over inflating early victories.  The level values are:
Chieftain = 0.25
Warlord = 0.50
Regent = 0.75
Monarch = 1.00
Emperor = 1.25
Demigod = 1.50
Deity = 1.75
Sid = 2.00

3 is multiplied because each territory square is counted as 1, plus 2 for the happy worker on that square.

540 is the total number of turns, and you are looking for an average per turn to add in addition to the CIV Score.

Victory Bonus

Victory Bonus is a Bonus which is designed to give a Bonus to your score for winning.  The amount of the bonus is affected by the difficulty of winning that type of victory on the type of map played (i.e. it's easier to win a conquest victory on a Pangaea map than it is on an Archipelago map) and how early the victory was compared to an ideal victory point.

Victory Bonus = (1000 * Turn Multiplier * (Level Multiplier * 4)) + (1000 * (Level Multiplier * 2) * Map Victory Reduction)

Turn Multiplier = (540 - Victory Turn) / (540 - Ideal Turn)

Victory Type Accelerate Production Ideal Turn Non-Accelerated Production Ideal Turn
Conquest 225 375
Culture 100K 320 415
Culture 20K (OCC) 390 485
Diplomatic 280 390
Domination 210 365
Space Race 320 415
Histograph 0 0

Level Multiplier is the same as listed above, except it need to have a greater impact so it was multiplied by 4.

Map Victory Reduction is used to give a reduced bonus to those who win with an easier victory based on the map type.  

Victory Type Archipelago Continent Pangaea
Conquest 1.00 0.85 0.80
Culture 100K 1.00 0.90 0.95
Culture 20K (OCC) 1.00 1.00 1.00
Diplomatic 0.85 1.00 1.00
Domination 0.90 0.80 0.70
Space Race 1.00 0.90 0.90
Histograph 1.00 1.00 1.00

1000 was an arbitrary value that seemed to give an appropriate bonus to the scores.

This scoring system was designed mainly for use in my competitive games and works best when all players are playing the same game.  There should be a reasonable comparison in score between games played with similar settings (accelerated production, level and map).  This scoring formula is currently in version 1.  It adjusts your overall score so that it gives the most benefit to those games that complete early.