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 to my Professional and Personal Web Pages where I hope you will find some valuable information about me.  I have finally RETIRED, however,  you can find some interesting things about what I have done for a living, about the courses I have taught and lots of other interesting info!Runner

Courses you might have been enrolled in:

RD 050 (Introduction to College Reading I) 3 credits

RD 075 (Study Skills) 1 credit

ED 101 (Introduction to Careers in Teaching) 3 credits

PSY 170 (Psychology of Effective Learning) 4 credits

In the past, I have also taught, SOC 101, PSY 190, 200, 210 & 220.  Additionally, I used to teach the HS (Human Services) practicum courses when SC4 had a HS Program.  There is still one HS couse that is active, HS 100.  

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Professor JIM 

Getting Started:   (RD 050) 3 credits

Introduction to College Reading I

Students in RD 050 are required to take this questionnaire.  Please click on this site:   (Other students may take it as well.)     Click the next line.

>Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire 

from North Carolina State University

Your instructor is interested in assisting you in becoming matter what your major.  In the past 26 years, I have had more than 6,000 students and can tell you many stories about success.  Quite interestingly, I can also tell you about stories that did not necessarily have happy endings.  Why didn't students succeed?  READ ON to get some idea as to why.


The Bottom-Line on being successful is your desire to want this education, your recognition that the responsibility of learning is soley and squarely on YOUR shoulders, and you reaching for critical thinking and eventually >metacognition as you pursue your goals and dreams.  All of what you hope for can be achieved, but it will take some honest and true work on your part.  Make no mistake about it.  WORK = you do the learning. 


In my courses, all of them, you will hear and read about how you grow something called >dendrites as you learn.  This makes learning a physiological event as compared to seeing it only as a psychological event.  The difference is significant, because NOW, you are responsible for your dendrite growth...not your instructor...not your textbook and certainly not your parents.



As you read this, you are probably wondering what this means and whether or not you can achieve your goals.  Do you want to be become a teacher?  How about a nurse?  How about an engineer?  How about a child-care provider?  Or maybe you want to be a welder.  We have lots of programs, and lots of courses that will take you to various careers, professions and jobs.  Maybe you are not even sure what you "want to be when you grow up!"  Some students are taking on a 2nd or 3rd or possibly even a 4th career due to the economic conditions in Michigan and in our country.


Take heart, one of the most common majors at >St. Clair County Community College is "no preference" or "I don't know!"  So it's okay not to know right at this minute.  However, soon you will be taking classes (or already have) and those experiences will help with your trajectory toward your goals.  Make at least your first goal to pass every class, to attend every class session, to study in the ratio of 1:2 and to prepare honestly and effectively for your exams.

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In RD 050, the most significant course of your college career, you will learn about you, how you learn, why you learn, and what you have to learn to succeed as a college student.  Obviously, since it is a >reading course, the primary emphasis is on improving your reading.


Reading is a thinking activity that takes place in your mind...not on your lips and not with your eyes.  These are but the "vehicles" that allow you access to the information in printed symbol format.  If this were not true, then a person who reads with >Braille would not be able to read.  Think about it!


In RD 050, you will learn about how to improve your reading, no matter what your reading level is.  You learn how to use that improved reading ability to access information for tests, for quizzes, and for knowledge.


You will love how easy and simple it is to learn new steps, new strategies, new ways of achieving.  What's interesting is that these new ways, you already have learned, but probably are not using.  Your mind will improve as you learn to utilize these skills.  Students who take RD 050 learn that they can indeed achieve at a higher level ... that their grades can indeed go up ... that their dream of becoming a teacher, nurse, engineer, etc., is within grasp.  This can work for you too!

RD 050 requires you to work.  This has been mentioned already.  You will be required to put in reading practice time, outside of class time, to the tune of about 2-2.5 hours per week.  READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN!  Practice is the only way to improve your reading.  This will be on a special "on-line" Internet based program called SkillsTutor.  Your professor will provide for you a USERNAME and a PASSWORD on the first day of class that you will use all semester.  Write it down, don't lose it!  (If you do, contact your professor!) 


One of those new "tools" will be your eventual recognition and acknowledgement that you will have to study MORE in college than you ever did in high school.  READ THIS CAREFULLY to see why:

When you were in high school, how many hours per week, at best, did you ever study?  Zero?  One?  Two?  Three?  Four?  Five hours per week?

Most students study less than 5 hours per week while they are in high school.  Here's a news flash for you:  If you do that in college, you will FAIL.

Plenty of "smart" students fail out of college because they are either unaware or unwilling to put in the effort and work necessary to learn the information.  When you study, you learn information.  You grow dendrites.  We call this process simply, studying.  In RD 050 (as well as in RD 075), you will learn how to do both.  You learn about your effort that must be created along with the appropriate "tools" necessary to help you succeed.


What is that new tool specifically?  The tool is called studying in the ratio of 1:2.  This means that for every hour you are in class, you need to study two hours outside of class.  This means that if you are taking just 12 credits (full-time), you will need to study 24 hours per week.  READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN!  24 hours per week studying plus 12 hours in class = nearly a full-time job!  Yes, that's right, your JOB in college is to master and know information, write papers, do projects, prepare for lessons, etc.  This is not a passive situation, but rather an active one...whereby you become the active participant.  This will be more clear as you start one of Professor Berry's classes!

RATIO 1 to 2


RD 075 (Study Skills) 1 credit

In Study Skills, better known as RD 075, you will learn about learning that is personal for you, that will make sense, that will be easy to accomplish and you will only have to take 1 credit or 16 class hours of time to do it!


This course has been taught on our campus for decades and has a proven track record of helping all kinds of students, both brand new to college and veterans of college.  Students who take this course at the BEGINNING of their college career benefit by being able to achieve a higher GPA, a sense of accomplishment and an understanding of how important college is compared to high school.


Students who have already taken one or more semesters, but find themselves looking for that extra ONE credit to round out being full-time, often comment about how they wished they had taken this course their freshman year!  Nonetheless, they feel grateful for learning how to learn the "right" way and appreciate how they can apply the information directly to their classes and their future.  Either way, students benefit!  So will you!


RD 075 (STUDY SKILLS) is taught at several different times throughout the calendar year. 

RD 075:  (1 credit/1 contact hour course)

Always check the >WAVE for availability and times.


Hopefully RD 075 will continue to deliver a quality program and accurate information about how to succeed in college.

You may think you know everything there is to know about how to learn, but I promise you, you don't.  You will be surprised and amazed at what you have NEVER BEEN TOLD about how to learn.  Most students will find that after just one class day, their lives are changed and paradigms have truly shifted.  To paraphrase from Winston Churchill "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten."   You will figure out what this exactly means as it applies to your work as a college student.  You don't want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Check the WAVE for classroom locations and more information!

You can do it!

James H. Berry