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Professor Berry (Photo taken by the Times Herald)

oldrunnerProfessor Berry's Personal Information:

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Professor Berry is a Certified Developmental Education Specialist, trained at the Kellogg Institute at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. 

He is also a social worker and a certified school counselor in the State of Michigan.  He has taught in Ohio, Germany and Michigan.  This includes elementary school, middle and junior high, along with senior high school both in regular and special education.  Professor Berry lived in Europe (then West Germany) for two years working for the Department of Defense as an instructor for the Army and Air Force Dependents School. His family lived there as well with the 2nd son born in Zweibruecken, Germany.  Since then he has been back to Europe, visiting Germany, Switzerland, and Austria again and traveled with his youngest son through these countries on a 10 day bus tour.

Professor Berry did his undergraduate work at Michigan State University with majors in social work, psychology and sociology.  His first level of graduate work was done at John Carroll University near Cleveland, Ohio where he earned his master's degree specializing in working with "disadvantaged" students.  ("Disadvantaged" might include but not be limited to:  academic, socio-economic, and/or emotional.) He has also done post-graduate work at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in environmental education and human ecology, Central Michigan University in special education (LD and EI) and Siena Heights University in counseling (both personal and career).

He has worked at St. Clair County Community College since 1987 and in charge of the Developmental Reading Program since 1991. 

His special interests include:  the psychology of learning, brain-based approaches to learning, curriculum integration, study skills and of course reading. 

His special interests beyond academe include: running and physical health issues, backpacking, skindiving, fishing, traveling, being with his family and grandchildren and of course reading!  Professor Berry also enjoys finding races in other states or locations just for fun.  For example he has run in these states:  Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Tennesee, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, New York, Oklahoma & California.


Professor Berry took this picture at Stonehenge in England.  Ask him about it.

He is married and has two adult married sons, who each have  sons.  One has three sons, the other two sons.  So yes, there are FIVE grandsons!  So now he and his wife have two sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandsons!  Both sons majored in science and earned their associate degrees in science at SC4 before moving on to universities where they continued their studies, both majoring in either biology or botany.  Now one is in the field of computer science and networking and the other one is a dentist.  They have provided much pride and joy & exceeded our expectations!  We love our two daughters-in-law as if we had two daughters!


James H. Berry