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Living Ghost
James Dunn / Joan Woodbury / Paul McVey / Vera Gordon / Norman Willis
William Beaudine
Copy Acquired By Trade
When a wealthy financier goes missing, a shyster ex - private investigator is brought back into the business by family to assist. Dunn is incessantly sarcastic. Plenty of possible suspects. Cheap - comic - quickie with about an hour run time.    ( b & w )
Loan Shark
George Raft / Dorothy Hart / Paul Stewart / John Hoyt / Helen Westcott
Seymour Friedman
From the : ' Forgotten Noir Collectors Set - Series 1.' Also contains : ' Portland Expose ', ' They Were So Young ', ' Arson, Inc.', ' Shadow Man ' and ' Shoot To Kill.'  ( b & w )
Locke, Lyn & Friends Vol. 1

Lyn Locke Lingerie
Large assortment of ladies modeling vintage undies, stockings, assorted hosiery, etc., etc. With a bit of bondage mischief as well. From ' hotel conventions ' at various locations around the United States. Still photo collection in slide - show format. See also : ' Fine Craft.'  Adult material.   ( color )
Lonely Sex
Leon Benedict / Mary Gonzalez / Karl Light / Jean Evans / Jackie Miller
Richard Hilliard
Alpha Home Entertainment
A mercifully quick, 58 minute run time. Two degenerates here. One a voyeur who prowls about his lodging house with the hots for his landlords daughter. The other, a homeless, deranged killer due to serious, life - long sexual issues; kidnaps same girl who's dad is a psychiatrist, of course.   ( b & w )
Long Hair Of Death
Barbara Steele / George Ardisson / Halina Zalewska / Robert Rains / Laureen Nuyen
Anthony Dawson
Sinema Diable
Dark, brooding, 1960's Euro - Horror.   ( b & w )
Look In Any Window
Paul Anka / Ruth Roman / Alex Nicol / Gigi Perreau / Carole Mathews
William Alland
Retro Flicks
Anka as troubled adolescent with some serious social problems including voyeurism and a pair of swinging parents.  ( b & w )
Loops & Peeps Vols. 1 - 6

Something Weird Video
Each volume a two hour assortment of short films coming from different SWV series. From original collections such as : ' Coy Cuties, ' ' Hollywood Pin-Ups ', ' Glamour Gals ', ' Big Bust Loops ', etc. See also : ' Grindhouse Follies.'  Adult Material.  ( b & w ) ( color )
Lost Continent
Cesar Romero / Hillary Brooke / Chick Chandler / John Hoyt / Acquanetta
Sam Newfield
Image Entertainment
Also : Hugh Beaumont. Assorted science and military types, in search of downed missile, arrive at title, prehistoric locale. Most locations sequences filmed in ' green tint.'  See also : '  Land Unknown.'    ( b & w )
Lost Continent
Eric Porter / Hildegard Knef / Suzanna Leigh / Tony Buckley / Nigel Stock
Michael Carreras
Anchor Bay DVD
Improbable to the extreme. Passengers, who belong on a luxury liner, are here on a derelict freighter. Following mutiny and upheaval, everyone turns up at title location. Tentacled beasties, conquistadors, etc. DVD also contains : ' The Reptile.  ( color )
Lost, Lonely & Vicious
Ken Clayton / Barbara Wilson / Lilyan Chauvin / Richard Gilden / Carol Nugent
Frank Myers
Alpha Video
A view of a group of troubled teens and twenty - somethings in and around the Hollywood show business scene.  ( b & w )
Lost Missile
Robert Loggia / Ellen Parker / Philip Pine / Larry Kerr / Marilee Earle
Lester Berke
Shock Therapy
Rogue, super - hot, radioactive projectile circling the Earth, leveling cities; mass destruction. Doomsday approaching. Science scrambles to stop the invader. Quickie with silly character side stories.    ( b & w )
Lost World
Michael Rennie / Jill St. John / David Hedison / Claude Rains / Fernando Lamas
Irwin Allen
Copy Acquired By Trade
Rains announces the discovery of a remote, South American plateau said to be inhabited by prehistoric beasties. Gathers together an all star group of adventurers. Learns locale has a mythical history, a fortune in diamonds and stone age natives.  ( color )
Louisiana Hussy
Nan Peterson / Peter Coe / Robert Richards / Betty Lynn / Harry Lauter
Lee Sholem
Retro Flicks
Peterson as unscrupulous trouble maker who complicates the lives of rival brothers in Bayou country; and who also may be on the run and in hiding for previous crimes. See also : ' Poor White Trash.'  ( b & w )
Love After Death
An All Argentine Cast
Glauco Del Mar
Something Weird Video
Cataleptic is buried alive by hateful wife. Disinters self and commences criminal, sexual spree. DVD also contains : ' Atomic Brain ' & ' Incredible Petrified World.' Dubbed English. Adult material.   ( b & w )
Love Merchant
Loraine Claire / Judson Todd / Jim Chisolm / George Wolfe / Joanna Mills
Joe Sarno
Copy Acquired By Trade
Can't imagine, even in 1966, this holding the interest of any 15 year old for more than 5 or 10 minutes. At least, ' Sin You Sinners ', et al, gave it a little effort. Nobody had anything better to do ?  Does feature ' Klaw ' model, Patti Paget. Adult material.   ( b & w )
Love - Thrill Murders
Troy Donahue / Renay Granville / Francine Middleton / Talie Cochrane / Matt Greene
Bob Roberts
Troma Team Video
In an urban setting, clan of useless, drug addled hippies ( was there ever any other kind ? ) are some - what under the control of Manson - like Donahue. Commence orgy / killings ala Sharon Tate, et al. Far beyond dull. a.k.a. : ' Sweet Savior.'     ( color )
Lucky Ghost
Mantan Moreland / F.E. Miller / Maceo Sheffield / Arthur Ray /  Florence O'Brien
William Crowley
Alpha Video
Winning cash, fine clothes and an automobile in a road side dice shoot, hobos turn up at high end dinner club and gambling casino; a former sanitarium complete with the spirits of former residents / relatives. Moreland funny with an all black cast.    ( b & w )
Lucky The Inscrutable
Ray Danton And An All Italian Cast
Jess Franco
Copy Acquired By Trade
Danton turns up as part secret agent, part super hero in this fun, spy - spoof - comedy. Dubbed English.   ( color )
George Sanders / Lucille Ball / Charles Coburn / Boris Karloff / Sir Cedric Hardwicke
Douglas Sirk
Kino International
George Zucco / Alan Napier. London killer using personal ads to meet the ladies; cryptic poems sent to cops. Ball as night club girl used as bait to draw out the murderer. Bits of noir, romance and mystery.     ( b & w )
Ma Barkers's Killer Brood
Lurene Tuttle / Tristam Coffin / Paul Dubov / Nelson Leigh / Myrna Dell
Bill Karn
Alpha Video
At most, Arizona Donnie Clark ( Ma Barker ) was an accessory before and after lists of criminal facts involving her sons and others. Historical accuracy not important here. 90 minutes of an entertainingly hokey gangster film. With some incidental music borrowed from, ' Astounding She Monster.'   ( color )
William Prince / Jim Backus / Philip Tonge / Jonathan Kidd / Christine White
William Castle
Source Unknown
Small town nastiness has the alleged kidnapping of a doctor's daughter, presumably by locals and claiming to have her buried alive. Not one of Castle's better films but at least keeps you guessing a bit.  ( b & w )
Machine - Gun Kelly
Charles Bronson / Susan Cabot / Morey Amsterdam / Richard Devon / Jack Lambert
Roger Corman
Columbia Pictures
Bang - bang - shoot - 'em - up - gangster stuff held to a minimum, but used effectively. Cabot as sultry moll. Slows down considerably during kidnapping scenario / finale. See also : ' Baby Face Nelson ', ' Pretty Boy Floyd ', Ma Barker's Killer Brood ', etc.   ( b & w )
Macumba Love
Walter Reed / Ziva Rodann / William Wellman / June Wilkinson / Pedro Paula Hathayer
Douglas Fowley
Copy Acquired By Trade
Rodann as European heiress who ' owns ' scenic atoll; a center point of voodoo activity among the natives. During recent murders, Reed as visiting, skeptical writer pronounces, " ... I have a reputation for exposing myths whether they be political, military or religious ... " . See also : ' I Eat Your Skin.'   ( color )
Mad Butcher
Victor Buono / Brad Harris / Franca Polcelli / Karen Field / Carl Stearns
John Zurli
Something Weird Video
Titled here as, ' Meat Is Meat.' The wonderful Buono saves this horror / comedy from mediocrity as a recently released mental patient and self proclaimed, ' Best Butcher In Vienna.' Economically priced and very popular sausages. Cheap, stiff and pulled off without any gore. Gratuitous nudity.   ( color )
Mad Doctor Of Blood Island
John Ashley / Angelique Pettyjohn  / Ronald Remy / Alicia Alonzo / Ronaldo Valdez
Gerry De Leon / Eddie Garcia
Image Entertainment
a.k.a. : ' Tomb Of The Living Dead.'  More, Filipino drive - in schlock from gore meister, Romero. See also : ' Beast Of Blood ', ' Brides Of Blood ', ' Beast Of The Yellow Night ', ' Blood Of The Vampires ', etc.     ( color )
Mad Excecutioners
An All German Cast
Edwin Zbonek
Sinister Cinema
An Edgar Wallace story. As with, ' Strangler Of The Tower,' a quasi - religious, vigilante organization prosecutes and executes individuals they believe have evaded justice: using a symbolic noose for their hangings. Odd but related sub - story has insane doc experimenting with severed heads. Dubbed English.      ( b & w )
Mad Ghoul
David Bruce / Evelyn Ankers / George Zucco / Robert Armstrong / Turhan Bey
James Hogan
MCA / Universal Video
Once again, Zucco as respected university professor ( Chemisty, this time ) turned criminal in hopes of winning Ankers for himself. Uses ancient, Egyptian gas on student, Bruce, reducing him to mindless, will-less zombie. Cardiectomy of human corpses only a temporary antidote.   ( b & w )
Mad Magician
Vincent Price / Mary Murphy / Eva Gabor / John Emery / Donald Randolph
John Brahm
Copy Acquired By Trade
As with, ' House Of Wax ', retribution is the theme. Price as prestidigitator, master of disguise and voice manipulator who murders and then assumes the identities of rivals, unethical backers and others. Originally in 3 - D. See also : ' Phantom Of The Rue Morgue.'    ( b & w )
Mad Monster
Johnny Downs / George Zucco / Anne Nagel / Glenn Strange / Sarah Padden
Sam Newfield
Alpha Video
Plans on creating an ' invincible ' army of fearless, man - wolf hybrids, gets Zucco labeled ' mad ' and run out of the science community. Via wolf - blood transfusions, uses Strange as guinea pig for retribution; morphing him into lycanthrope killer.   ( b & w )
Mad Monster Party ?
Voices Of : Boris Karloff / Alan Swift / Gale Garnett / Phyllis Diller
Jules Bass
Copy Acquired By Trade
Filmed in a wonderful,  ' Anamagic ', stop motion process. Thoroughly enjoyable watch. Aimed at tlhe kiddies buy plenty for the adult viewer, too. Dr. Frankenstein, after perfecting his  ultimate invention, considers retirement. Calls meeting of all famous monsters and others. ( color )
Mad Room
Stella Stevens / Shelley Winters / Skip Ward / Carol Cole / Beverly Garland
Bernard Girard
Copy Acquired By Trade
Michael Burns / Barbara Sammeth. Two siblings are released from asylum following double murder of parents as children. Older sister Stevens deceives zany home owner Winters into allowing them to stay. A bit obvious but still a wonderful little gem.   ( color )
Magic Sword
Basil Rathbone / Estelle Winwood / Gary Lockwood / Anne Helm / Liam Sullivan
Bert Gordon
Armed with supernatural powers supplied to him by his sorceress mother, Lockwood sets out to rescue the beautiful princess. Must first get past the evil doers and their ' Seven Curses.'  See also : ' Jack The Giant Killer.'  ( color )
Magnetic Monster
Richard Carlson / King Donovan / Jean Byron / Harry Ellerbe / Leo Britt
Curt Siodmak
Source Unknown
The ' A - Men ' of the ' Office Of Scientific Investigation ' ( O.S.I. ) in search of a zany physicist who has developed an uncontrollable, ' hungry ' radioactive isotope.  ( b & w )
Man And The Monster
An All Mexican Cast
Raphael Baledon
Casa Negra
Well done Mexican horror has master pianist, at home with his creepy mom and the corpses of some of his victims,  who sells his soul to the devil for supreme musicianship. English sub - titles.  ( b & w )
Man Bait
George Brent / Marguerite Chapman / Diana Dors / Raymond Huntley / Peter Reynolds
Terence Fisher
From the : ' Hammer Film Noir Collectors Set.'  Also contains : ' Bad Blonde ', ' Stolen Face ', ' Blackout ', ' Gambler And The Lady ' and ' Heat Wave.'   ( b & w )
Man Beast
Rock Madison / Virginia Maynor / George Skaff / Tom Maruzzi / Lloyd Cameron
Jerry Warren
Rhino Home Video
Maynor and company set out in search of her missing brother who is lost in the Himalayas. Encounter title creatures. Dull, Warren effort. See also : ' Snow Creature.'  ( b & w )
Man Eater Of Hydra
Cameron Mitchell / Elisa Montes / Kay Fischer / Herman Nelsen / Matilde Sampedro
Mel Welles
Shout Factory
A half dozen or so tourists arrive at mad horticulturist's isolated locale. Discover he has developed an assortment of carnivorous, killer plants and fauna. Some silly voice overs add to the farce. Dubbed English.   ( color )
John Bromfield / Lon Chaney / Victor Jory / Barbara Nichols / Tessa Prendergast
W. Lee Wilder
Alpha Home Entertainment
No, not a human / aquatic hybrid monstrosity but rather the name of Cheney, Jr's. boat. Utterly dreadful undersea treasure adventure. Just barely rises above, ' Devil Monster. '   ( color )
Man From 1997
Jacques Sernas / Charlie Ruggles / Gloria Talbot / James Garner / Stacy Harris
Roy Del Ruth
Sinister Cinema
Talbot as shallow & greedy girl who wants a rich man and is not interested in nice guy Sernas, a hard working immigrant. Until, that is, he comes into possession of a strange book from the future. Also contains short subject : ' The Shining Future.'  ( b & w )
Man From Cairo
George Raft / Gianna Maria Canale / Massimo Serato / Guido Celano / Irene Papas
Ray Enright
From the : ' Forgotten Noir Collectors Set - Series 2.'  Also contains : ' F.B.I. Girl ', Fingerprints Don't Lie ', ' I'll Get You ', ' Mask Of The Dragon ' and ' Tough Assignment.'  ( b & w )
Man From Planet X
Robert Clarke / Margaret Field / Raymond Bond / William Schallery / Roy Engel
Edgar Ulmer
Shortly after a rogue planet is discovered entering our solar system, a seemingly non - threatening alien has touched down on the Scottish Moors. Communication is attempted; sinister plans revealed.  ( b & w )
Man In The Attic
Jack Palance / Constance Smith / Byron Palmer / Frances Bavier / Rhys Williams
Hugo Fregonese
Palance as ' Slade', a somewhat peculiar character who takes lodging at Baviers rooming house during the ' Jack The Ripper ' era of London. With dance hall sequences.  ( b & w )
Man Made Monster
Lionel Atwill / Lon Chaney, Jr. / Anne Nagel / Frank Albertson / Samuel Hinds
George Waggner
MGM / Universal Video
Atwill learns that passing ever increasing voltage through Cheney's body is turning him into a fearless, but mindless, super - man with a lethal touch. Fun film; particularly when Cheney is sent to the ' electric chair ' for execution. See also : ' Indestructible Man.'     ( b & w )
Man Who Could Cheat Death
Anton Diffring / Hazel Court / Christopher Lee / Arnold Marle / Delphi Lawrence
Terence Fisher
Superb Hammer horror has Diffring as doctor / sculptor who drifts through the years seemingly ageless. Murder casts light on his history.  ( color )
Man Who Turned To Stone
Victor Jory / Ann Doran / Charlotte Austin / William Hudson / Paul Cavanagh
Leslie Kardos
GoodTimes Home Video
High death rate at girl's correction facility prompts investigation. Discovered is a hundreds year old faculty draining inmates of their ' bio - electrical energy.'   ( b & w )
Man With Two Heads
Dennis De Marne / April Connors / Gay Feld / Jacqueline Lawrence / Jeremy Brooks
Andy Milligan
Midnight Video
Title refers to a psychological disorder rather than a monstrous deformity. Bizarre take on the Jekyll & Hyde story. Can be nasty and a bit sadistic. See also : ' Blood.'   ( color )
Man With Two Lives
Edward Norris / Marlo Dwyer / Frederick Burton / Eleanor Lawson / Addison Richards
Phil Rosen
Alpha Video
Norris is a likable, friendly sort who's suddenly killed in an auto accident. Through a combination of experimental science and ' soul trans - migration ', he's revived; now possessing the identity of a recently executed gangster.   ( b & w )