All Electronics
14928 Oxnard Street (2 blocks east of Sepulveda Blvd)
Van Nuys, CA 91411
(818) 997-1806

Last Visited: July 2003

My Rating: OK store.  Their catalog has everything worth seeing in the store.

Electronic Surplus Stores

(Actual Brick & Mortar Storefronts)

This is not just another list of links to surplus stores.  I include only stores and companies that I have personally visited.  These are my personal opinions:


Visit only if you can’t find it at R*dioSh*ck

OK!  Visit if you happen to be in the area

Nice!  Worth the trip.

WOW! Make sure you stop by if you are in the area!’s Rating Scale

Gateway Electronics

2220 Welsch Industrial Ct.
St. Louis, MO  63146

Last Visited: January 1993

My Rating: OK store, but it’s been a while… Please let me know about your experience if you have shopped there lately


2301 49th Avenue North,

Brooklyn Center

Minneapolis, MN 55430


Last Visited:  December 2004

My Rating:  Interesting, but very specialized equipment.  MetroCAD liquidated the equipment for Intermedics and Angeion (implantable device manufacturers), and specialize mostly on industrial type surplus.

Electronic Surplus

5363 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44127

(216) 441-8500

Last Visited: March 2003

My Rating: Interesting ++.  They have a lot of interesting equipment.  Most of the really neat stuff doesn’t have a price, so you’ll have to make an offer.  Much more in there than you can browse on their website.

Skycraft Parts & Surplus

2245 West Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Tel. (407) 628-5634

Last Visited: December 2002

My Rating:  Very cool store! Very close to Disney in Orlando.  Worth visiting, especially if you have had it with Mickey Mouse and his friends!  Full of otherwise unobtainable stuff.  Plenty of NASA surplus.

Tanner Electronics

1100 Valwood Parkway, Suite #100
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 242-8702

Last Visited: March 2002

My Rating:  Nice, clean store.  Well classified electronic parts.  Mr. Tanner is a knowledgeable and helpful gentleman.  Definitely worth the visit if you are in the Dallas area.


EPO (Electronic Parts Outlet)

3753-B Fondren Rd.
Houston, Tx 77063
(713) 784-0140

Last Visited: March 2003

My Rating:  I used to love to shop at EPO.  However, they mostly turned into a computer parts store.  You can still find electronic components, but the neat surplus is gone.

8909 San Fernando Rd
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 767-7202
Last Visited:  July 2003

My Rating:  WOW!!!  Racks and racks full of electronics equipment.  A yard full of junk (including rocket parts).  Plan to spend a full day browsing or leave empty-handed and confused!

The following stores have closed:

Fertik's Electronics

5249 D St
Philadelphia, PA 19120


Last Visited: 2001

My Comment:  Mr. Fertik came to the store on appointment.  He told us that he didn’t keep the store open since his wife passed away.  He sold most of his inventory just a week prior to “some Canadians”.  He wanted to liquidate the remaining inventory and retire.  Mr. Fertik was very kind to us, and I’m sure this was one of the finest stores in its time.

Compass Electronics Supply

465 Market St

Paterson, NJ 07501


Last Visited: 2001

My Comment:  SCARY neighborhood!  The warehouse was located in an old armory.  It consisted of many rooms full of World War II equipment (but at prime 21st century prices...)  The complete inventory was purchased by Surplus Sales of Nebraska.

Maplin Electronics  and other London Stores


Maplin Electronics

186 Edgware Road


0207 723 6641

Last Visited:  June 2002

My Rating:  Maplin is rather like a bizarre Radio Shack but with somewhat more
interesting stuff. Definitely not worth a special trip.


Other London Stores: All the really good surplus stores are long gone. The thing that fueled the electronics revival after WWII was military surplus. That lost its attraction with the advent of transistors and even more with ICs. All the cheap stuff from the far east was the final nail in the coffin. Only a handful of specialist companies survive out in the provinces (London is too expensive for low margin businesses).  There were two main “electronic areas” in London - Edgware Road and Tottenham Court Road.  Few electronics stores left in the neighborhood, mostly consumer electronics and camera stores with flashy signs in Arabic...   nothing like a good US military surplus electronics store.

Edmund Scientific

101 E. Gloucester Pike
Barrington, NJ. 08007-9889

Last Visited:  2001

My Comment:  The Edmund Scientific store in Barrington was a Mecca for the science enthusiast.  Unfortunately, Edmund sold off its consumer catalogue and shut its famous retail store in Barrington, N.J.  Edmund retained its high-end optical component business and now operates as Edmund Industrial Optics.  The Edmund Scientific catalogue can be found online at

The Observatory

19009 Preston Rd.
Suite 114
Dallas, TX. 75252

(972) 248-1450

Last Visited:  June 2004

My Rating:  The Observatory is NOT an electronics surplus store, but if you are in the Dallas area, it’s definitely worth visiting.  The Observatory is a store full of telescopes to look through, to try out, to compare. You get knowledgeable help and guidance in selecting a telescope that’s right for your observing or gift giving needs. Learn about the various kinds of telescopes. Learn how to use them and care for them. Learn how to find objects in the night sky.

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EPO Computers & Electronics

(Not to be confused with EPO above…)
110 East Medical Center Blvd.
Webster, TX  77598
(800) 856-1820

Last Visited:  1997

My Rating:  EPO Clear Lake is just a few blocks down the road from the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  They did carry quite a bit of test instrumentation and NASA surplus, but I’ve heard rumors that they “sold out” and the surplus is gone.  If you visit the Space Center, drop by EPO and let me know what’s the surplus situation there.


Electronics Plus

Southard Drive and Route 1 (Baltimore Blvd.)

Beltsville, MD


Last Visited:  October 2001

My Rating:  Lukewarm.  Some assortment of old stock components.  Nothing interesting on the surplus side.

American Science and Surplus

5316 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL


Last Visited: September 2005

My Rating: More useless surplus than science.  Their web-based or printed catalog will give you an idea of what is available.  Store has a few extra items over catalog. I find their stuff to be pricey for surplus.  It’s worth visiting if you have some time to spare on your drive from O’Hare to downtown Chicago.

Interstate Electronics Inc.

Airport Plaza, Rt.36

Hazlet, NJ 07730

(732) 264-3900

Last Visited:  November 2005

My Rating:  Much better stocked with electronic components and tools than Radio Shack, but certainly not at the level of a mail-order distributor.  TVs, stereos, etc. as in a Tweeter store. Wide variety of CB radios, but no ham equipment. In my opinion, their motto of “The Most Unique Electronics Store in the World!” is completely unjustified.  By the way, no surplus in there as advertised in their web page.