I am Radish Anarcane. This is my citadel. Uh, on the internet. Made of, like, e-stone, and e-mortar, and with an e-moat and e-drawbridge, and e-guards ready to poor e-boiling oil on anyone I don't bloody want at my front door. Er, e-front door. Right. Anyway.

On this site you will find... the stuff listed on the menu to the left. Be rather silly to repeat it all here, wouldn't it? In general, though: Nerdy stuff. Primary points of interest will probably be the D&D and fiction sections. Most of the other sections still don't have much in the way of content, yet. (I might fix that, some day.)

And that's enough of this nonsense. Go click on things, now.


November 1, 2010Tire rotation.
Major overhaul of HTML and CSS for every page; everything's much more respectable, now (all those font tags being used like span tags – so embarassing!). No new content, though, unless you count a handful of compulsive edits of phrasing in a few stories and DnD pages – which I don't. Except maybe for the Where I Belong fic ( not happy reading), which I believe has been made significantly better. Oh, and some moderate rules changes to the Master of Tentacles prestige class; not that that matters half as much.

Oh, and this site no longer supports IE6. So if you come here in IE6 and something is funky, that's probably why. Nyah-nyah!

It has occured to me of late that I could upload some of the plethora of file icons I have made for myself over the years(?) onto this site. That, and the mock-up adventure game interface-prototype-thing I made in OpenGL like 7 years ago, and recently finished freshening up the code for (thereby finally having actual content on the Games page). Yes, some day, perhaps, I could do these things. I certainly, certainly could.

June 7, 2007Synthetic freckles don't grow on trees.
Chapter 12 of Veil I is done, but it has been for a while, I just haven't updated this page in... too long. Meanwhile, the next chapter of Faces refused to be popped out in a single sitting. Outlined, though. As always, things have changed/been added in the D&D section, though it's likely to remain still for a while, as I've reached a point where 3.x combat rules look much less "abstracted" to me, and much more "overly simplified in an arbitrary and often nonsensical fashion, that is not only inconsistent with reality but frequently itself." So I'm working on a semi-major overhaul to fix that, and many other proud nails and outright flaws at the same time (i.e. Diplomacy, Profession, Charisma's double-duty as inner strength and physical appearance, dozens of lackluster classes and feats, etc.), which I intend to organize as supplementary Player's and Dungeon Master's Guides and upload all at once.

But one sweeping change I have already implemented: gender-neutral pronouns! Been wishing they existed for a while, only for it to turn out that they do. Wikipedia could have told me so at any time, but I only thought to ask after seeing a hypothetical someone being refered to as "hir" on another site. Turns out there's a semi-wide selection of gender-neutral pronouns available, and since I can't for the life of me figure out how to pronounce "hir", I went with zie/zir instead. Because the letter Z is awesome.

Oh, and About Me now has stuff in it. Swordy.

March 13, 2007"Russian girls so attractive."
Many, many things have been added to the D&D section over the passing of the moons. Also uploaded several things to my DeviantArt account, though there is still more to come (not including various unfinished drawings I have lying around). Chapter 12 of Veil has 12 of 14-16 pages done, though I don't know when I'll next have time to work on it. I can pop out the next chapter of Faces in a single sitting, but Veil comes first.
November 5, 2006Stop that. It's silly.
Chapter 6 of Faces is up, perhaps also finally.
October 29, 2006Betreten des Rasens verbotten.
Chapter 11 for Veil I: Brother finally up.
October 14, 2006Darn robo-bondage ninjas.
New stuff added to the Fiction section. Old stuff, too.
September 26, 2006Farm fresh eggs.
First news item ever. First day on which I could actually call this a functioning website. Fully-functioning, not hardly, but functioning. Only sections with content so far are Fiction and D&D.