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John Frederick Stohrer  

This is a brief history and genealogy of the Stohrer family that lives in the Concord, NH area. John Frederick Stohrer came to Concord from Syracuse, NY. He was the oldest of 11 Children from 2 marriages. His father Philipp Ulrich Stohrer arrived in Syracuse in 1851 at the age of 13 with his parents Johanne and Anna Frederike Stohrer along with siblings Johanne Georg and Frederike. They left their homestead in Hohenstaufen, in the province of Wurtemberg, Germany during a time of political unrest and economic uncertainty. Syracuse in the mid 1800's had a population of 15,000, of which 5000 were German immigrants. This made Syracuse a logical choice to establish a new home with many familiar families and faces from the old country. Philipp Stohrer was a woodworker by trade and worked in various venues throughout his life in America. He died in 1901 and is buried in Syracuse.

In 1889, at the age of 24, John Stohrer arrived in Concord to begin work at the at the Sylvanus Wardner Cigar Co. on Main St. with Patrick Henry Cahill, son in law of Sylvanus Wardner. John leased an apartment at 38 Cross St. (Later changed to Concord St.). It is believed this apartment building may have been owned by the Wardners or Cahills. (editor's note...Recently heard from Michelle Cahill, grand daughter of Patrick Henry who worked with John Stohrer. See the Business card in assorted photos. Thanks Michelle for supplying the names). Shortly after this he met Concord resident Annie Beggs who worked as a clerk at 134 Main St (today the NH Republican office)., a few doors down from the Cigar shop. Annie's father Michael was a Civil War Veteren who served in the 8th NH Infantry, Co K. After the war, Michael worked at the Ford and Kimball Foundry that occupied all the land located between Hills Ave and Chandler St. Portions of the foundry are visible today.
The couple married January 29th, 1890 and the Cross St. apartment was home until 1892. Infant John Phillip would have spent his first year in this apartment. Larger quarters were needed so in 1892 a new apartment was found at 96 Rumford. Space again became a problem so in 1895 another move was made to 10 Charles St. and shortly thereafter across the street to 11 Charles. The Charles Street apartment buildings were new construction as Charles street had just recently been laid out a year or two earlier. The boundry of White Park prior to that time extended to Rumford St to the east and Franklin St.. to the north. Here the growing family stayed until the purchase of their home at 77 Rumford in 1900.
As mentioned above John was employed by the S. Wardner Cigar manufacturing Co. with offices at 146 Main St. The 1912 Concord City Directory lists two of the Specialty Cigars as the "83" 10 cent cigar and the "Rumford" 5 cent cigar. For a picture of the actual cigars made, click on the link below labeled "Stohrer Elite Cigars". The Cigar Makers Official Journal had John listed in the monthly newsletters during the years 1892-94. Their home address given as 96 Rumford St. In June of 1900 they purchased their first home in Concord for $1500.00 located at 77 Rumford St. which is still in the possession of the family 105 years later. Names and other items with an underline will produce a picture or list when clicked on with your mouse. Any pictures or anecdotes of the family are welcome. Comments or items for addition to the web page can be sent to Peter J. Stohrer or by signing the guest book below.

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