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History of The Pulp Gallery

The Pulp Gallery, as it was eventually named, originally started out in 1999 as a bunch of scans that I collected from other internet sites, ebay, or just from magazines that I had personally bought or sold. Many of the really interesting and rare scans that I came across, especially those found on ebay, would disappear when the auction was over ,possibly never to be seen again. I began to save them for my own reference since I quickly learned that you can't buy everything you see on ebay! I also saved scans because I noticed that there was a serious lack of books published on pulps .not to mention the lack of any real quality pulp price guide.

By early 2000 I had saved a few hundred pulp scans with a special focus on the SPICY DETECTIVE & SPICY MYSTERY pulps that had so many incredible damsel in distress covers! I was storing these cover scans at a public website called Photopoint that provided free image hosting. I shared the pulp picture galleries with a few friends .who shared them with a few more. Donations of scans from other pulp fans were collected and added to the Photopoint albums. Around this time purchased the domain name By the end of 2000 there were about 3000 pulp scans in the albums. In April 2000 Photopoint decided to become a pay-for-storage site and I had to move the scans, since leaving them there would be costing me a lot of money. I had always intended The Pulp Gallery to be FREE in order to be able to share pulp info and the pulp collecting hobby. In May 2000, with 6000 pictures, the Pulp Gallery had received 400,000 individual picture views by visitors.

Starting May 2000 The Pulp Gallery moved to EPSON.COM. Epson provides free image hosting, unlimited storage and I thought it's overall format was perfect for a reference gallery project like mine. Please support Epson products! Epson allows Pulp Gallery to exist by offering this wonderful service. UPDATE the epson photo site closed on 4/30/2008. The PulpGallery images as of 5/01/2008, are now hosted on Picasa, which is run by Google! Many thanks Google!