HowlHaunter's Workshop

You'll find scary, goofy, colorful, creative OUTDOOR house haunting prop ideas here. There are some pictures and some building instructions, but you are on your own.

Disclaimer: These prop pages are provided as-is, for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind. You are solely responsible for any and all consequences of its use. Selecting any of these prop pages and viewing the information constitutes acceptance of these terms.

General Tips for Home Haunting Success

WorkShop Basics:

Great New Ideas & Gadgets for Home Haunting!
Electrical Safety
Simple Electronic Circuit Debug
Soldering Bench Setup

List of Projects:

hammer razor soldering gun

Floating Head
Cool Fake Jack O' Lanterns
Glowing Eye Critter Updated
Cyclops Space Alien
Headless Pumpkin Torso
13 hour Spooky Green Clock
Grim Reaper with Huge Glowing Red Eyes
Halloween Warning Owl
Lighted Halloween Spiders
Lightning Light Box (LLB)
Scary Candelabra
Blinking Tree Eyes
Big Tree Eyes
Tree Skull
Tree Growler
Spinning Bat
Stucco Tombstones
Spinning Skull

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