Big Lights

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You can use 120V spot light and floodlights outdoors to highlight props. Make sure they are rated for outdoor use. I've found that the 85 watt colored floodlights from WalMart do the job at a nice cheap price. Use outdoor sockets for these. You may want to put the light on a heavy block of wood with another piece of wood screwed onto the side to block the light bulb itself from view.

Even the 85w lights put out a whole bunch of light. This may be too bright for your little Halloween scene. You can cut the light output in half by soldering in a properly rated diode in the wire going to the light. Make sure the power is off and just cut into one of the two wires going to the light. Solder in the diode in line with the one wire....and insulate it with electrical tape or shrink wrap tubing. Now, the light will only receive one half of the 120V voltage cycle. As a bonus, this will also increase the lightbulb life!

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