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I got the inspiration for this prop from another prop that I saw recently. The whole idea is to have a globe like body with one eye above it. Also a big RED tougue hanging out of its mouth. So, I thought about way to make it (cheaply).

A 14" earth globe ($14 at WalMart) became the body. It's the perfect size. I thought these were made of metal, but not anymore. They are made of cheap cardboard and a few metal bands. Well, no big deal. It will all be covered up.

Here's what you need to build one of these:
>14" globe--$14
>Three 3 foot pieces of stiff PVC pipe for legs (1" size or more)--$1
>one 2 foot piece of stiff PVC pipe for cross section (1" size or more)--$1
>Two 90 degree PVC elbows to fit the above (1" size or more)--$1
>1 can of neon green spray paint--$3
>2 cans of insulating foam--$6
>1 Pumpkin light -- $4 at Walmart --get the kind that changes colors from green to blue to red. You can also find this online here
>One 5 Volt battery eliminator or three AA batteries for the Pumpkin light
>3' section of stiff house wiring electrical cable (nope, this doesn't power the lights--it just provides the eye "stalk")
>Two 1' sections of plastic tubing
>Some leftover rubber garage door gasket
>Old metal TV antenna (half a "rabbit ears")
>Some wire mesh fencing material for top of antenna
>Wide Chrome tape from auto supply store - $3

I started assembly by putting together the legs to the globe body. The legs are just PVC pipe...with a cross section (made with some 90 degree elbows) jabbed through holes cut in the sides of the globe at the appropriate spots. What is nice about using a globe is you can use the longitude and latitude lines as easy ways to get everything lined up perfectly. I used JB Weld to hold the legs in place. The cross section part gives enough internal bracing to hold this thing up.

I made some green feet for the legs out of old rain splash guards (thick green plastic) using my saber saw. Again, attached with JB Weld with holes through the feet (this gives a way to hold the prop up by using rebar pounded into the ground--the rebar slides into the hollow PVC legs).

You can see in this picture how I created the eye "stalk". I took a 3 foot section of house wiring (called "romex") and doubled it over..and bent it to the shape you see here. I cut a hole right through the "North Pole" of the globe to accept it. I screwed this into the globe and hit it with more JB Weld.

You'll notice the "eye" has some speaker wire attached to it. This is actually one of the battery operated "pumpkin lights" that changes from red to green to blue. I screwed this into the house wire stalk. I made my own battery adapter to replace the 3 AA batteries that normally run the eye. You can run it off batteries if you wish. Make sure you don't block access to the battery holders on the back of the light if you want to do this.

I further enhanced the eye by covering the outside rim with chrome spray paint and a little pupil made of chrome tape.

Next up, it's time to create the nasty toothy mouth on this thing. I covered the mouth with some chrome tape to make sure you can't see the globe markings anymore. I used two little sections of half inch plastic tubing to form the lips...and then screwed in a jagged section of old garage door gasket for the teeth top and bottom.

I made the tongue out of some junk box plastic I had and painted it red. Attached it with screws in the place you see in the photo.

This is what it looked like before I put spray insulating foam all over it. I added the single antenna with some fence mesh I cut out attached to the top with JB Weld...and spray painted it silver. The antenna was just put through a hole drilled in the top of globe

Onto Foaming!

I had to hang the thing upside down (then right side up) with some wire to get the foam to stay where I wanted it. Gravity wins even with sticky foam. I'd advise you to put on plastic gloves before spraying it and have a something to move the foam around (small stick of wood). Put down newpapers under it too. The foam just sticks to everything. It takes 2 whole cans of foam--but they are cheap.

Then, spray paint the thing neon green (well, that's the color I liked).

Here's the finished Space Alien! When this thing is stood up, has it's eye changing colors...well, it does impress the TOTs!

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