Glues, Epoxies

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You can buy the little tubes of JB Weld at the hardware store. It creates a waterproof bond around steel, plastic, wood. You can buy it in a quick set version too. I went through several tubes of this stuff and finally found this Power Poxy Weld with the same a larger quantity. You can get it at some of the big box hardware stores. It's only about $10 and will last a long time. I use throw away wood sticks and little Dixie paper cups mix up the part A and part B. Much less messy than the tubes.

Gorilla Glue is true to it's name. I use it instead of the JB Weld stuff if the materials to bond don't have gaps. Note: Gorilla Glue will "smush" out around the edges when you use activates by using moisture in your materials and it expands a bit as it dries. Also, you must keep it in a tight container. I found that you should NOT squirt the glue out from it's bottle onto your material. This contaminates the rest of the glue and forms a hard crust in the bottle. I use little paper Dixie cups in my workshop to put the epoxy in first...then use a throw away wood stick to apply it to the material.

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