brainGlowing Eye Critter Updated (Again)

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I came across the Glowing Eye Critter on the Web. Anyway, I liked it but made a few improvements. Yep, kept the plastic bucket (but roughed it up so the foam insulation would stick better). I also added three eyes instead of two. Really looks weird. Added some plastic "pinchers" and some kooky antennae made out of wire with some wood beads on top. Oh, yeah, I used a RED translucent plastic bucket and foamed the insulation around so that it looks like a BRAIN with red glowing underneath. I used more powerful C7 Christmas lights (7w) behind each eye ball. I used the GEC for a few Halloweens like this, but this year (2007), I updated it again.

This is the new GEC. I wanted the GEC to stand out more, so I added legs to it. I just took some 1" irrigation pipe and used a heat gun to bend it (3 pieces of pipe bent/attached to the bottom so it looks like 6 legs). I painted the legs silver. As a bonus, I can now fit the pipe legs over rebar pounded into the ground to hold it down.

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