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I found this neat video on home haunt ideas out on the Web!

I really like the idea of the piece of clear plastic put at an angle above a TV set to show floating faces in a window! Check it out!

I'm went ahead and put the TV in a cart that I constructed with 2x4's ...with a little shelf for the DVD player...with rollers on the bottom of the cart to make it easy to move to the window...and back into a closet when Halloween is over. I chose to make the cart 36" high, which just fit under the window that I wanted to use for this prop. I nailed and glued together 3 frames that used two 25" boards and two 22" boards. This was just the right opening for the TV to be placed front facing up. I used lag bolts to screw in the four side boards to the 3 frames..which would make disassembly easier if need be.

Here's a view of the completed cart with the TV loaded in it and the DVD player at the bottom. Ready to roll to the window and lean the piece of plastic at a 45 degree angle against the window to complete the prop.


UPDATE: After all this work, I was disappointed in the size of the image that came across the plastic sheet from the TV. It seems to cut its size almost in half. I'm going to try the other method next year (just put a dark translucent cloth across the TV screen).

Putting images on a DVD and playing it on a cheap DVD player into a cheap TV....to show "floating in a window" opens up all sorts of creative ideas. You can make your own videos and burn them on DVD to show. Instead of all the hassle and expense of building a Flying Crank Ghost...just capture a video clip of one and put it on this setup !!!

More information on floating heads in the window with a TV and piece of plastic

Here's a link with a bit more detail on how to do the TV/plastic sheet setup for floating heads.

If you can't find a large piece of plexiglass for this setup, you might want to use this cheapo substitute.

Here's a link with a video clip of even more detail on how to do the TV/plastic sheet setup for floating heads.

Hint: You can use the zoom feature of your DVD player to make the heads look even bigger!

Links to DVDs that you can buy to show on the TV:

Spooky Faces DVD and of course, the best one--Haunted Hologram Illusions is SOLD OUT!
Scary Messages from Beyond DVD
Boo Scary Ghost Show DVD
Scary Faces DVD
Haunted Window Ghost DVD and of course, it's SOLD OUT!
Virtual FX DVD

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