headless Headless Pumpkin Torso

Headless Pumpkin Torso

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I came across a headless horsemen prop and liked the idea of a pumpkin for the head, but didn't want all the work of putting together the whole huge thing. I saw these arm props at WalMart and other places this year and thought...hmmm...how about some outstretched arms holding up the head...and a lighted pumpkin too.


-1 lighted pumpkin--$10 (fake kind, don't use a real pumpkin!)
-2 4' hardware dowels-- $1 for each
-2 cutoff arms (Halloween item at WalMart, other places)--right hand only available but who cares--$5 for each--strip off the cloth that comes with them
-1 2x4 cut to length (from your workshop)
-1 3/4" section of board (pine, cedar will do) cut to length (from your workshop
-epoxy, screws, duct tape or plastic tape (available anywhere)
-1 extra large men's heavy cotton shirt (red/black lumberjack plaid is my favorite)--Thrift shop or your closet---rips, stains..just fine
-Piece of old garage door gasket -- or buy cheap at hardware store
-1 4" end cap for irrigation pipe - $3 at hardware store

Onto Construction:

1) Install two 4' sections of 1" dowel at an angle (cut holes at bottom and top of pumpkin to accept). You can buy these hardwood dowels at most any big box hardware store. They are cheap. I used some epoxy and screws at the top to make sure the dowels don't slide around in the pumpkin. It helps to make the holes in the pumpkin a little smaller than the dowels for a tight fit (use your Dremel cutting tool to make the holes--so make easier and safer than a knife).

2) Attach the two hands/fore arms to the dowels with screws and duct tape....and position the hands so they look like they are holding the pumpkin up on both sides.

3) Attach 1" PVC pipe to the bottom of the dowels with screws... to give you a place to slide over rebar pounded into the ground...to hold this prop up outside. In the picture below, the left side PVC pipe is already attached and the right side PVC is about to be attached. You can see I've already fitted the shirt around the whole thing (better to do this as you are assembling the prop--fit it over the arms before adding the boards below).

4) Measure and cut the 2x4 to make the top cross section to create shoulders...and cut up another board to make the bottom cross section. Attach both with screws to the PVC pipe. This will give the prop some strength.

5) I attached a 4" black plastic irrigation pipe cap to a dowel to form the neck. Then added a cut up piece of jagged old garage door gasket to form the cut neck part. Painted it orange (for some reason). I put screws into the plastic cap (under the collar to hide them) to keep the collar neat. You can run the electrical cord for the lighted pumpkin head -- down the shirt sleeve and out the back to hide that. Then, I buttoned up the shirt in the front. You can see that in this daytime picture of the prop. Pounded in rebar into the ground at an angle to fit the PVC pipe...and here you go (daytime view of the prop):

Here's a nighttime view of the prop (the light in the pumpkin head really looks good---oh, spooky! :

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