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These are ideas that I plan to use in the future for my home haunt.

The leaf blower is a great idea...and many others on this neat video on home haunt ideas!

Finally, they've come up with a flickering yellow lamp driven by LEDs...that are inexpensive to buy. You can use these inside your pumpkins...or use them to simulate fire. I haven't tried these out yet, but will probably order a few to see if they are worth it.

The old standby multi color LED pumpkin lights are still available (you can get these at WalMart around Halloween too.)

The nice thing about the ones from is they have a little AC adapter port on them. You don't need batteries then, but will need to buy their adapter (or make one of your own).

I've been very disappointed in the "bush monster"little gizmo to shake bushes. It does put out a nice growl sound and funky little eye lights, but the tiny little motor in it just doesn't have much power to shake anything. I was also disappointed to spend $20 on this thing online....only to find the same thing at a large big box retailer for $9. Buyer beware.

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