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Ever see an owl like this in nature? An orange beak and orange ears? Nope, you won't...but that's half the fun of this. Want to build this? Here's how. Just purchase a plastic "scarecrow owl" that you'll find at many home improvement stores. It's the one to scare away birds eating your garden goodies. About $10 at Menards. The owl I bought had brown "wings", so I just masked it off and painted that with black "made for plastic" spray paint. Then, I removed the yellow eyes (just delicately pried them out of their sockets) and removed the white paper backing. Also, cut off the little knob that allowed them to be plugged into the sockets.

Then, using the trusty Dremel tool, removed just enough plastic behind the eye to allow the now clear eye (yellow with black pupil) to be glued back in. Just use the glue sparingly around the edges of the eyes (any plastic glue or epoxy will do). Then, I fished two connected C7 outdoor light Christmas bulb sockets up into the convenient hole in the bottom of the owl. Then, did a little engineering to hold them in place with white bulbs right behind each eye socket. (Dremel tool).

Here's a side view where you see that setup.The lights behind the eyes produce a very spooky strong yellow glow!

Then, added a chunk of PVC pipe painted black with another C7 light socket and orange bulb...to shine up on the owl and the signs below. All mounted on a chunk of cedar wood with a cedar stake painted black. And another PVC pipe screwed into the back of the stake to slip over a hunk of rebar pounded into the ground.

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