PVC and Rebar

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PVC is cheap plastic pipe comes in 10 foot sections and is easily cut with a hacksaw or sabre saw. There's a whole bunch of elbows, fittings, that can be purchased ...very cheaply. You can glue it together with PVC glue, screw it together, or just slip it together. Great for prop body forms, great to hold up props (slip it over rebar pounded into the ground). It's like a tinker toy set...only prop size. You can buy the 1" an up diameter for stiffness and bracing...and the 1/2" size if you need it to be flexible.

Rebar can be bought at any lumber yard or big box hardware store in many different lengths. It is very cheap and you can cut it with a hacksaw to length. It is simply the steel rod used in strengthening concrete, but for the home haunter...it can be used to hold up props. Simple pound a section of it into the group and slip your PVC pipe over it (your prop was made with open PVC pipe on the bottom, right?).

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