Seeing the Props

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*If you can't see it or hear it, it has no effect*

This is particularly true in the over saturated TV, movie, videogame era we live in now. Most TOTs will yawn at the standard static props these days. They've heard all the scary soundtracks already and have seen the scary movies. They've probably gone to professional haunted houses and seen all the effects before.

Over the years through trial and error, I've learned that there is a delicate balance between seeing spooky things in the dark (what is that thing?) and things you can't even notice!

If you are primarily doing this home haunt to scare TOTs, you need to remember that you need to make a BIG impression when they are at your door or walking up to it. They are there for less than a minute. I use my motion detector circuit to trigger lights and sounds as the TOTs come up the sidewalk. Tiny little Halloween props..unless they are lit up very well...are not even seen. Example: I thought it would be a great idea to put some props in some of the trees surrounding my house, but this was a joke. They just were so small, dimly light, and were not noticed.

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