spiderSpiders on the Bush Prop

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This is a fun prop that is great if you have bushes by the front door! And even if you don't, you could let these hang from your house eaves, trees, whatever. Are there real spiders with black bodies and orange legs? Who cares! It's Halloween. Want to make a few of these? OK. Just go to a craft store (like Joann's) to pick up a few styrofoam "eggs". Cheap. About $1 or so. Paint them black with spray paint. Let dry.

Then, pick up a couple packages of orange pipe cleaners (about 50 in a bag). Also cheap. Find some heavy gauge wire for the legs (coat hangers? I used some heavy gauge copper wire for house wiring). Snip off about 7 inch lengths of the wire for the legs. Experiment. Wrap two of the pipe cleaners around the wire (yeah, you could paint the wire orange, but no fuzzy leg look then). Leave about half inch of bare wire to push into the stryrofoam eggs at the places shown in the picture. Yep, they have 8 legs! Dab some epoxy on the wire before you poke it into the styrofoam. Make the pincers with just 2 pieces of wire bent at 90 degrees (and paint them orange). the eyes are just white craft beads glued in place with the epoxy (or hot glue gun). Stick a screw in the bottom of the spider to allow you to hang a red C7 Christmas light socket and bulb. Bend the legs around the bush needles in every crazy position. Voila! Red backlit spiders! Spooky! Add some $1 stretchy spider Webs over the bush (not my choice, but go for it) and over the spiders.

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