Silent Traffic Model Car Club

Trappe, PA - 9/8/06

Here are your father's Oldsmobiles.

Check out these Mopar.  Fury3 would love these.  I could not believe that 62 Dodge 880.  I thought it was a Chrysler with a Dodge front clip, but it was a production car, really unusual.  This fellow really knows his Mopars and has some super nice cars.

Check out that 64 Chevelle 4 dr.  It was built be Neil Blanchett using the station wagon body and the HT roof.

I really like this one.  The work and fit on this conversion is flawless.

Here is some more of their amazing work.  That 62 Buick started life as the AMT 2 dr ht.  And that 60 Pontiac flat top is pretty cool also.

This fellow always brings some very interesting stuff.  Last month he had all of those Ramblers.  And now look what he has.  That AC hanging on the window of that Nash is special.

I also thought that these were pretty nice.  That 4 dr Bel Air is neat and look at the 58 Buick.

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