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These few pages are all there will be. Dad passed away June 10, 2005. We all miss him.
Her son, Peter W. Meek]

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All fired up and nowhere to go,
Like many unfortunate souls.
"Send me the stuff that you'd like to show.
I'll help you to reach your goals."

"I'm proud of you, soul-mate, and want you to know
I love you in all of your roles."
All fired up and ready to go.
Some loved ones just blew on the coals.

The stanzas above are serious. The rest of my light verse is what it is called and very much so. Some of it will be published under the heading, "it could be verse""

Bill is a farm boy, a school boy, a boy chemist, a wood butcher, a tinkerer, a lover of books, an admirer of strange tools and old ones, a researcher in the late thirties on primers and primer-surfacers for automobiles, a tin can sailor, and a researcher starting in the late forties on a variety of chemical and instrumentation problems. In the memoirs section.

Certainly there will have to be something on a thread that starts with a choice in a Honolulu bookstore in 1942 and continues to the present: The six piece burr.

Two other activities should be mentioned: People-to-People, and Michigan Audubon. In a few words, how the people of the earth are going to get along with each other and the rest of life.

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