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(A customer's view-point.)

I bought Honky Tonk (a Stratos 20 foot center console) from Allen Boats in 1991. I have never regretted choosing this place to be my dealer. I knew I was going to buy a Stratos 2000CC from seeing one on the lot at Allen Boats. The layout, fit'n'finish, and design was just what I wanted.

I spent a lot of time during the winter of 90/91 visiting and talking to dealers. I kept coming back to see Bob DeLange. He was easy to get along with, seemed to know what he was talking about, and was located close to where I planned to keep and use the boat. Other dealers kept wanting to discuss price before I had decided whether to buy from them. Price is one of the last things I want to know about a dealer.

Owning a boat is supposed to be fun. If you choose a dealer that you can't get along with, who won't do your service and repairs correctly and efficiently, or that is located in some inconvenient place, I can promise you that a lot of your boating time will not be fun. If you shop for price you may save a few hundred dollars. What value do you place on a missed weekend of perfect weather? What is the price of aggravation? Choose a dealer you like and trust, and then make your best deal with him. Finally, keep him happy and he'll keep you happy.

I took Honky Tonk in for a 50-hour maintenance, shortly before putting it away for winter 97/98. I had my camera along so I took a few pictures around Allen Boats while I waited.
View from the water View from the road
Looking north from North Channel,
just east of Middle Channel, near
the Harsens Island Ferry.
3441 Pte. Tremble Rd. (M-29),
just west of Algonac, MI

Bob Sara Rob
machinist, diagnostician,
(here) striping replacer.
in the office,
keeping things running.
giving Honky Tonk a 50-hour.

Allen Boats Web Page (This link may be broken. I think they changed ISPs.)
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