Honky Tonk

Another year is gone.

(Oct 26, 1995) Today, after one last trip over to the cottage, Honky Tonk was hauled out for the winter. I didn't get much boating in this summer due to other obligations. A comparison: most years I have put around 200 hours on the motor; this year, barely 60 hours. Maybe next year will be better.

Honky Tonk is a 20' Stratos(tm) Center Console (an open boat with the controls on a pedestal near the center), with a 175 HP Evinrude outboard for power. When people see it, they say, "what a great fishing boat!" Actually, I don't fish all that much; maybe I'll name my next boat "un-reel."

I tend to think of my boat as a wet pick-up truck. Mostly it gets used to commute back and forth to an island in the Lake St Clair Flats, but it might get used for anything.

I did, finally, get a picture of Honky Tonk digitized (36k). Actually, it is more of a picture of the cottage, with Honky Tonk in front. Thus, it is more properly one of my Flats Pages.

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