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Publishing practices

I've about had it with publishers that put out a multi-thousand page novel in three to ten volumes at the rate of one volume per year. I ain't buyin' the first volumes any more until the whole thing is done. At that point I will be buying the first volumes used (they go out of print so fast) and the publisher (and author) will have lost that income. I have no beef against series of complete novels, but when a book ends in the middle of a sentence, I figure that something is missing.

Sloppy! Sloppy! Sloppy!

I'm currently reading Teach yourself UNIX Shell Programming in 14 Days by Kamran Husain (Sams Publishing). This book seems to have the information I want, but there are so many proofreading errors that it is hard to trust anything the book says. It looks like the 'proofing' was done by running the text through a spell-checker with "accept suggested substitute" set to full-on. Also bits and pieces of the examples seem to be missing in places. How did the publisher of the meticulously accurate Photo-Facts series of electronic repair manuals ever fall so low as to put out something like this? This is not the first time I've seen something like this from Sams, just the first one since I had a place to rant about it. I suggest reading about ten pages of any Sams book before buying. Lest you think I'm saying Sams can't make a good book, look at a good review of a Sams book.

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