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Major Works

Described as "a series of local histories", these books by Michael M. Dixon are a mine of information. They are full of descriptions, old maps, historic photos, commentary, reminiscences, reproductions of old documents, and a wealth of other information about the Flats. Issued both in general and "special patrons'" editions.
  1. Life at the Flats (1985) Sub-titled "When Bedore was King", this volume records the early settlers, the hotels and clubs, and the excursion boats and parks of mid to late 19th century on the Flats. (I have the "general" edition of this volume; I would trade it and "a sum of cash" for one of the signed and numbered "special patrons'" editions.)
  2. The Flats Golden Era (1987) This volume, "An American Venice," continues with the histories of the clubs and excursion boats, and records some of the major families who were in the Flats at the turn of the century. It follows with a large collection of miscellaneous documents and photographs about the surveying, development and occupation of the Flats.
    On page 237 -- These descriptions courtesy of my cousin Richard:
    "Top picture is (l to r) David Lindquist, Harold Lindquist, Ruth Prigge (nee Ohs), milk boat owner, Henry Ohs, and George Lindquist. Lower left is John Krause and BW Lindquist. Krause ran a fishing guide service from the small peninsula on the other side of Decker's cut. In later years, his wife sold bottled gas. Lower right is BW Lindquist, Pederson, and Sam Smiley doing their best for conservation."
    Top photo was taken from approximately N 42deg 36.125min W 82deg 40.375min with a bearing of about 320 degrees. Date: mid-1940s. Lower right photo has good view of duckboat in left foreground.
  3. Marshland Memories (1989) "Sketches from Life at the Flats" with drawings by John St. Peter. As it says: sketches, with commentary by Dixon. A beautiful book.
It may be possible to track down copies of these books at local bookstores or from:
Mayea Boatworks
PO Box 23040
Fair Haven, MI 48023
Mayea Boatworks provided much of the support for getting these books published, along with other people and organizations.

Fun at the Flats

A Kid on the Flats by Robert B. Coulter. Coulter is a decade or so older than me, and grew up on the other side of the Flats. We never met, but I bet we could have raised some cain together if we had. Or maybe not; I was a summer visitor and might rightly have been viewed with some reserve. This book really serves up the feel of being a kid on the Flats. His home-base was Coulter's Grocery on the Maybury Hwy.
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