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Baby Welcoming Ceremony


Dear Bride and Groom - Your question is, based on your unique family traditions, whether your parents will be seated during the ceremony or standing at either side of the wedding canopy during your wedding ceremony.  Let me suggest another option:

Right after Fr. George pronounces you husband and wife and right before he and I do the final benediction, we can gently invite your four parents to come up and join us for the last moments of your ceremony, positioning the parents in traditional places of honor and acknowledgement, that is, on either side of the chuppah.  One of the lovely emotional benefits of this orientation is that your parents are now each at the portal to your zone, your space and facing each other. Wordlessly they recognize their shared feelings, that is, we're exactly alike and we have each brought our own child to the zone of his/her future happiness and the love that I feel for my child now embraces yours.  This is a deeply cathartic and wholesome moment whose benefit and positive energy you will feel for the lifetime of your marriage.

Another nice consequence of inviting parents up right at the end to be gathered for that final benediction is that the recessional order can be as follows:  after Groom smashes that wrapped-up glass and Bride & Groom kiss and Bride is given her flowers and you both walk down that joyous aisle as Husband and Wife, the clergy will gently cue the Parents of the Bride to leave and then the Parents of the Groom and then the Matron/Maid of Honor with the Best Man and then the rest of the Wedding Party. 

Your parents will relish the honor of not having to wait 'til after the entire Wedding Party leaves to manage their way down the aisle.  Your mothers in particular will appreciate being able to immediately go to the powder room to compose themselves and dab at their eyes. 

Also, this means that your photographer will be able to capture real-time photographs of all four parents standing at either side of your wedding canopy is as the classic gesture of your acknowledgement and heartfelt honoring of their role in your life as individuals and as a couple.

Let me know if this works well for your vision of your Wedding Day.

Rabbi Green