Fee Explanation

The rabbi is happy to meet any couple for a consultation. 

There is no cost or obligation involved.

As soon as the couple confirms a meeting date, the rabbi puts their date on "hold."  And the rabbi continues to hold the date for seven days after that face-to-face meeting.

The purpose of this face-to-face meeting is for the couple to determine if Rabbi Green is the right rabbi for them. 

At the end of the meeting, the rabbi gives the couple a planning materials packet including a contract. 

The rabbi's policy is to continue to "hold" the couple's date for one full week after their meeting so that bride and groom can discuss and decide privately whether or not they want to contract for the rabbi's services.  This way, the couple doesn't have to worry that another couple will "steal" their date. 

The rabbi promises to hold a couple's date for one week after meeting with them.  This is a unilateral obligation.  Only the rabbi is making a promise to hold the date: the couple is not making any promise to hire the rabbi.  The couple is under no obligation just because they sat down and met with the rabbi.   The only way the bride and groom can become obligated is if they mail the rabbi a deposit with a signed contract.


For weddings requiring more than an hour of travel:  My travel fee is based on MapQuest projections.

Couples receive a $100 discount if they contact me through this website or my listing at https://www.WeddingWire.com


                                                    A SAMPLE CONTRACT

                                                                 December 5, 2010

Dear Sandy and Xiang,

            It was good meeting with you today and making sure I understand what you want for your Wedding Day and discussing the kind of contribution I can make to your celebration and how your ceremony will be conducted.

            I provide: 

             • easy-to-follow personalized checklist for the couple;

             • easy-to-follow personalized checklist for your coordinator;

             • outline of the ceremony with explanations and options;

             • help with drafting, proofing and perfecting your program;

             • a ketubah wedding document as a gift;

             • a presentation keepsake copy of your ceremony;

             • handouts for your readers;

             • a unity candle set-up;

             • a free-standing huppah wedding canopy; and

             • a wrapped-up glass to be broken at the end of the ceremony.  

             This letter will serve as our agreement that I co-officiate along with Rev. Thomas Simpson at your ceremony, on Saturday, October 15, 2011.  The time of the ceremony printed on the invitation will be 4:30 PM.  The ketubah wedding document as well as your Pennsylvania Certificate will be signed at 4 PM.  The location of your ceremony is to be the Racquet Club of Philadelphia, 215 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA.  Please, read the letter carefully and suggest any changes you wish.  Please, indicate your agreement by returning a copy to me with your signatures along with a retainer.

            I will continue to hold this date for you until December 13, 2010.  Upon receipt of a retainer in the amount of one-half of my fee, I will reserve the date for you.  The balance of the honorarium is due upon my arrival for the ceremony.

            Please, send me the contact information for my co-clergy colleague (including title and name, telephone numbers, personal e-mail and fax numbers) so that I can reach out and establish a collegial working friendship on your behalf.

            You agree to send me one courtesty copy of your invitation with parking validation instructions, a GPS-friendly address and printed-out directions to the ceremony location at least two weeks in advance of the ceremony. 

            I will arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony.

            If I am unable to officiate at your ceremony, it is my responsibility to provide a substitute.  It is my responsibility to pay the substitute.  To that end, in the unlikely event of a substitution, I will ask you to send the balance of the honorarium to me.

            Please, keep me posted:  please, inform me immediately of any changes in time, place.  Please, be aware that any changes require clergy approval.

            I look forward with great anticipation to getting to know you through the process of helping you and your circle of family and friends celebrate this joyous occasion.


                                                            Rabbi Claire Green


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