1994 BMW R1100RS - For Sale
$4500 - OBO


This Marrakesh Red beauty has been my beloved steed for almost ten years. In that time Iíve covered plenty of miles (currently showing 76K), but Iíve also maintained it meticulously and fixed all of the typical maladies along the way.

Iíd still trust it to take me across the continent, even more now than when I first purchased it. However, I was presented with a K1200RS that I couldnít refuse so, sadly, this bike has to go to a new home. The bike is located in Chattanooga, TN (close enough to spit on Deal's Gap!), but I am open to discussions about delivery.

You can contact me via email, or call (423) 763-8281.

left right_bags right left_front_trunk bags right_rear cockpit euro_switch backrest reflective_bags front_wheel exhaust handguards headlight left_front left_front_bags left_trunk rear_lights front_lights wheels

I found this bike to be a perfect sport-tourer: sporty, comfortable, practical, and reliable. It only stranded me once in all the years of ownership, and that was because of a known weakness with the hall effect sensor wiring (since fixed, see below). It won't quite hang with a pure sportbike in the twisties, and it isn't as plush on the interstate as a Goldwing, but if you've ever tried to carve canyons with a big tourer or suffered all day on the superslab chained to a crotch rocket, you'll appreciate the versatility of a bike that can do it all and put a smile on your face no matter what the conditions.

Hereís a PDF of the bikeís original specifications: http://www.bmbikes.co.uk/PDF Downloads/R1100RSSpec.pdf

Some of the features and options on this bike:

Hereís a list of what Iíve changed/upgraded:

Notable Service and Repairs:

You can contact me via email, or call (423) 763-8281.