Radio's selling on Ebay
 The most expensive I have seen



Zenith 16-A-63





1936 Zenith 16-A-63 Stratosphere

$20,000 in October 2003

The “Baby Strat", Original price in 1936 was $450













A 1939 Emerson red Catalin

Sold in May 2005 for $20,300










Jade Green\Alabaster Catalin FADA L56 GA Radio. Early 40's

Sold for $23,958 in May 2006







Symphony Catalin

Sold in July 2003 for $26,877.77








Zenith Stratosphere Radio Model 1000-Z

Sold for $72,000 in January 2007

1935 - 1938 about 350 were made and sold for $750. Only 40 are known to exist today.















Sparton Model 1186 "Nocturne"

Sold for $85,000 in Dec 2003

1936 mirrored cobalt glass, satin chrome steel, wood 43.25"w x 14"d x 46"h Teague's Nocturne was the most daring of the four radios he designed for the Sparton Corporation. Standing nearly four feet high, the radio was meant to be the focal point of a hotel lobby or other public space. The high price of the radio, $350 in 1936, combined with the economic depression of time resulted in very few models being sold.