The red "Starburst" is a sure sign of E's

June 18, 2010

2m opening into 4 land. My APRS station receiving packet stations from the South East.

NG0E's APRS Propagation Map


My Log:

N4LI                TN       EM55  903mi

W4RL              FL        EM60  1197

N3LL               FL        EL86    1577

KI4RIF            NC      EM15  1553

KQ4NA          TN       EM65  999

KI4TZ             SC       EM94  1350

W8WN            KY      EM77  1047

N4TZ               TN       EM66  1030

WB4JGG         TN       EM75  1152

AG4V              TN       EM55  892

N4OWZ          FL        EL98    1558

Plus a couple that I copied down wrong in my excitement.


June 2, 2010

2M e-skip opening in the Mid West. APRS and DX-Sherlock.


I hadn't put up the replacement Yagi I had lost last year in a storm. All I could do is listen on my vertical to K0GU and N0POH make several contacts into four land.