OOTL Baseball

OOTL Draft Day

Before our much anticipated Rookie Draft, we have to perform some annual housekeeping.

We begin by crowning our 2013 champion, Craig Dolan, who led the Asian Tsunamis to their unprecedented fourth OOTL World Series title. Craig received our traveling trophy and a plaque to keep.

Our vote on league officers maintains Brandon Matlock as President. Craig becomes the new Vice-President. Bob Boyd remains Secretary-Treasurer. Executive committee first alternate is John Ingiosi; second alternate, Kevin Baker.

2013 Player of the Year voting results: Ryan Braun, Joey Votto and Alex Rios.

2013 Pitcher of the Year voting results: David Price, Matt Harrison and Cliff Lee (all southpaws for the first time ever)!

Rule clarifications:

Rule 5.10 is removed. Starting pitchers fatigue due to batters faced even if they have not allowed an earned run.

Rule 2.17 is modified to remove the clause, "Relievers' grades are reduced by 2 when allowing any additional base runner".

Exchange of rotations - away team on the schedule goes first; home team reciprocates same day.

Player Usage Errors - If managerial decision results in no available substitute at a position, the game is forfeited, 9-0.

Play-in games are considered playoffs rather than regular season games.

Playoff rosters and last series scorecards must be submitted to the President and Vice-President for pre-approval.

Injuries exceeding three games - Injured player is ineligible for next series except World Series. Eliminate travel day in playoffs. Also in playoffs, substitute player can only play the maximum remaining games of injured player.

Rules discussion:

Eliminate Rule 2.18 (passes 10-1).

Increase SAL by 1 for D, E & F base stealers (fails 3-8).

Allow C & D base stealers to steal 2nd anytime (fails 4-7).

On attempted steals of 3rd, SSN decreases by 10 (fails 5-6).

On attempted steals of home, SSN decreases by 20 (fails 4-7).

Modify Rule 5.06 Except for injury or ejection, starting pitcher may only be removed if one of the following criteria is met: 18 batters faced; 3 unearned runs allowed after at least 3 IP; 2 earned runs allowed and a runner in scoring position after at least 3 IP (passes 10-1).

Return to APBA Pitching Grades (withdrawn)

Pitcher must be immediately removed after having been downgraded a second time due to earned runs allowed (passes 9-2).

During every series, teams must carry a minimum of 9 pitchers on the active roster of 25 (passes 9-2).

Hit & Run Proposal to eliminate 34-31 as automatic hit and cover 2nd base (fails 4-7).

Hit & Run Proposal when runner is eligible to steal: 13 - Roll 1-3 foul ball; 4-6 swinging strike and runner attempts to steal. 14 - Roll 1-3 foul ball; 4-6 ball and runner attempts to steal (passes 8-3).

Modify Rule 5.11 XB/J4 drafted pitchers and players must remain on a team's major league roster throughout the drafted season to be eligible for that season's playoffs (passes 10-1).

Only allow one drafted XB position player on the active roster of 25 during regular season and playoffs. Only allow one drafted XB pitcher to start in any series including playoffs. The same XB pitcher can only start twice in the same playoff series if eligible (fails 4-7).

Combine Rules 8.02 & 8.05 (withdrawn).

Cap hitter BC at +/-7 (fails 1-10).

Randomize double hit result: With runner on 1st, roll even - 6; roll odd - 3. With 1st & 2nd, roll even - 6; roll odd - 3. With Bases Full, roll even - 4; roll odd - 5 (passes 7-4).

Lottery for bonus initial rookie draft selection. Each team gets initial bonus selection over 11 years (fails 1-10).

Draft two additional uncarded players as long as all roster requirements are satisfied (fails 1-10).

37th IR roster position for carded player on roster at end of previous season, who is uncarded for IR season (fails 3-8).

All starting pitchers may pitch in relief by surrendering a start per relief appearance (fails).

Set stolen base attempt percentage at 80% of MLB rounded up. Managers must report when a player is out of attempts, changing the SSN to "N" on roster (passes 7-4).

First 8 hit number on any hitter's card is an automatic hit (fails 4-7).

All non-prospect players eligible for final 5 series of season (withdrawn).

27 or 26 active for 3rd period (fails 5-6).

Rolls of 0-11, based on pitcher's grade, become automatic hit if a hit; defensive roll if not a hit (passes 8-3).

For a Bunt-for-Hit roll of 0-11, check board based on pitcher's grade. If a hit, result becomes automatic hit; if not, go to defensive roll (passes 8-3).

Increase Bunt-for-Hit success by 1 roll number per Fielding category (fails 5-6).

Allow one post-draft free agent move (fails 2-9).

Eliminate Rule 2.23 (withdrawn).

Each team can submit one rule proposal per year (fails 1-10).

Have rules meeting every other year (fails 1-10).

Players that did not homer during previous MLB season cannot homer in OOTL season (fails 3-8).

Following a quick break, the time had come for Ed to make the first selection of this year's Rookie Draft.