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2012 OOTL Baseball Post Season Recaps

#3 Asian Tsunamis 4, #2 Eliminators 3

The Tsunamis recent playoff series with the Eliminators was truly the greatest played and most challenging series I have ever been part of in the OOTL. It pitted two great (but with some flaws) evenly matched teams which have been built over past the few years by two Championship level owners. Brandon is the only owner who ever beat me in a playoff series and is also is only one of two owners which I have never beaten (Kevin & I have never met in the playoffs). Therefore, the tension level was high as the Tsunamis tried to gain revenge from that heart-breaking defeat three years ago which gave the Eliminators their only championship and still stings me to this day as I lost a 5-run lead with my ace pitcher(R19 starter) on the mound.

Simple Analysis:

In Game 7, after the Tsunamis lost another big lead (4 runs), the game was then tied 5-5 with the series knotted 3-3 to start the 6th inning. In innings 6-9, the Tsunamis would get 5 hits, 2 BB's and score 3 runs while the Eliminators went 0/12 with 7 K's.

Metric Analysis:
" Tsunamis: .234 BA, .303 OBP and 3.88 ERA for the series
" Comparison: Asian Tsunamis/Eliminators
o Runs: 34-28
o Hits: 60-54 (55-54 to start the 6th inning of Game 7)
o Errors: 3-7 (also many key Fielding 3's were rolled by Elims while Tsunamis rolled several key Fielding 1's)
o K's: 61-61
o BB's: 26-20
o HR's 9-6
o Average Inning when SP pulled: 6-7
o Game 6-7 R/H: 12/22 vs. 6/14
o Key Team Card Advantages:
" Tsunamis: Power, Defense of key positions, C arm, Bullpen
" Eliminators: Hitting, Bench, SP's, Speed
o Key negative factors: Tsunamis lost three base runners on 3 failed hit & runs. Elims 5 man bullpen was taxed
Game Summaries: Road team would win all 7 games

Game 1: Asians play small ball to get early lead. A key error by OF2 Granderson in CF gets the Tsunamis 2 more runs in the 3rd. The Elims add one late and then finally chase Cueto in the 9th when Downs came on for the save. 4-1 win and 1-0 Tsunamis series lead.

Game 2: Asians pound Cliff Lee with HR's by Napoli, Cabrera and Morse. Another Granderson error in 7th puts it out of reach despite a Mauer HR. 8-4 win and 2-0 Tsunamis series lead.

Game 3: This time the Eliminators bats explode on HR's by Berkman, Big Tex, and Ellsbury. Buerhle despite +34 was a BB machine as well. Tsunamis get 2 runs in 9th and fill the bases for the tying run in the bottom of the 9th but Valverde closes the door. 7-3 Eliminators win and 2-1 Tsunamis series lead.

Game 4: Bautista hits 2 run HR in 7th to tie game 2-2. Eliminators respond with two more to win 4-2 and tie series 2-2.

Series now breaks, leaves Brandon's crib and will re-convene at my house

Game 5: Asians blow 2-0 and 5-3 leads. Freeman doubles in 11th and PR Stubbs steals 3rd. Stubbs then steals home for 6-5 Eliminators lead and eventual victory. When the Asians go quietly in 11th the Eliminators have their first series lead 3-2.

Game 6: 0-0 into the 5th when Carlos Gomez, given the start for the ineffective Josh Hamilton (2/25 in series), homered. Asian bats then opened up with several doubles and Robertson came on for the save and 4-1 Asian victory. Series tied 3-3.

Game 7: Big Tex hits early HR but Cabrera hits 3-run shot in 3rd followed by Zobrist HR in 4th to give the Tsunamis a 5-1 lead. 4 BB's and 3 hits later the Eliminators tied the game at 5-5 after the 5th. In the 6th, Werth then singled and stole 2nd. Zobrist then Sac'd him to 3rd. Bautista then rolled an 11 (first column 1) but the HR was turned back though Zobrist scored. However,Jeter then rolled an 11 on the next roll to double Bautista home. Napoli then lined out and Cabrera closed out the series scoring with a 55 roll (first column 7) to score Jeter and give the Tsunamis an 8-5 lead. As we discussed, the Eliminators would then finish 0/12 with 7K's and Downs would get the save for the 4-3 Asian Tsunamis series win.

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#4 Lymebees 1, #5 Birds of Pray 3

G-1 With the Birds hosting the Bees after going 2-8 (0-5 at home)for the year, the Bees led off the game with a Tulo solo hr. The Birds then got a 2r single from C Pena bottom one to take a 2-1 lead.Birds got 2 more in the 4th on a double by Hardy. Romero then scattered 5 more hits, 0 bb's after Hr for a CG 4-1 Birds win.
G-2 Birds took advantage of G Gonzalez wildness, using 3 bb's & 3 hits in the 2nd inning to score 4 runs.JJ Hardy (bases loaded BB), Headley 2r single & N Cruz double. Birds got no more hits, but R Halladay threw a 7h 0bb 12k CG shut out in 4-0 victory.
G-3 A Gordon lead off game w/ a solo hr& got a 3rd inn dble from Votto to take 2-0 lead. Bees used an error, A Gonzalez rbi single and a DP to tie ame at 2.Game remained tied until Braun led off 11th with Bees only BB, went to 3rd on Beltre hit & run single, & scored on C Beltran SFto CF for 3-2 win.
G-4 After trading runs in the 1st inn, Birds got RBI's from Cruz & Votto in the 3rd to take 3-1 lead. Birds then used 5 innings of 3 hit 1 run effort from the pen to preserve a 5-2 victory and a 3-1 series win.

Bees drew 4 BB's for the series, w/ 4 more turned back, & hit 1 Hr w/ 2 turned back.
Birds drew 18 BB's w/ 1 turned back & hit 1 hr w/ 3 turned back.

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#5 Birds of Pray 2, #1 Shooting Stars II 4

Game 1 PREY do some ass whooping 7-0 shut out
Game 2 Snore fest Prey win 1-0
Game 3 Todd Helton two solo HR's 2-0 Shut out
Game 4 every player used by Stars except 1 4-3 prey lead top of 9 helton gets a single PR Campana steal second sac to third sac to home ties the game two hrs turned back by prey in extra innings however 13th inning stars get 4 str8 hits and win 6-4

Visiting team wins all 4. Series tied 2 games a piece.

Stars shutout birds 4-0 and 2-0. Hfp hunter pence hits 3 run hr. cuddyer gifted a hr by a negative 12. Stars management celebrating 4 straight wins after losing first 2.

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Shooting Stars II 4, Asian Tsunamis 3


Weaver VS Kurudo

Tsunamis waste no time taking control of game 1 Bautista Leads off by reaching first on an error by Peralta only to caught stealing. After a Jeter Strikeout Napoli Walks and Cabrera follows with a HR. konerko steps to the plate and rips another HR on the heals of Cabrera. Stars are quiet in first three innings as Tsunamis hold them to just one hit. Tsunamis in the second got a lead off walk followed by a Double by Zobrist only to have Manager Craig hold Morse at Third. Werth Bautista and Jeter Strikeout to end the threat. Cabrera gets a one out walk in the fourth to have Konerko line into a Double play. Fourth inning Tsunamis get a two out double followed by an error by weaver to put the runners on second and Third. Bautista blows another oppurtunity by flying out to left field. Stars go to work in Fourth by getting back to back Walks by Helton and Peralta. After a Pence Strikeout pedroia gets a Single knocking in Helton. Arod Strikes out. Dejesus getting a rare start singles knocking in Peralta. With runners on First and Second and two outs Tsunamis Manager Craig pulls Kurudo and replaces him with Lefty negative control Lopez. Stars Pinch Hit with Cuddyer and he draws the walk to load the bases. Tsunamis pull Lopez bring in Sanchez. Kemp gets a walk to bring in the tieing run scored by Pedroia. Crisp flies out to end the inning. Tsunamis go hitless the balance of the game but draw 5 walks. The Stars get a Walk by Pedroia in the 8th to lead off the inning. In comes Campana who steals Second base. With Robertson Pitching for the Tsunamis Manager Kevin Pinch Hits with Descalso Manager Craig then pulls the pitcher and brings in Lefty Downs. Delscalso hits into a FC safe at first runner out at third.With Heisey now batting in the place of Dejesus he rips a double putting runners at Second and third. manager Kevin calls a Sac Torrealba gets a fly ball Sac to take the lead for the Stars as both runners move up on the play. Lidge seals the deal by shutting down the Tsunamis in the Nitnth. Stars take a 1 game lead in the series by a score of 4 to 3.

Game 2

Fister Vs Cuerto

Tsunamis get on the board in the second Cabrera gets a one out single followed by a double by Konerko hamilton Flies out and Morse singles to give the Tsunamis a 2 run Lead. Bottom of second Arod leads off with a double goes to third on a wild pitch and scores on a Peralta single. That will be it for the Stars as the Tsunamis scatter 3 hits across the remaining 7 innings. Tsumais get a 2 run HR by konerko in the 4th. Add another run in the 7Th with a Hamilton double and a one out single by Zobrist. They continue the assault with a one out double in the ninth by hamilton followed by a walk from Zobrist and a two out single from Bautista to score Hamilton. Tsunamis capture game 2 6 to 1.
Series now tied 1 Game a piece.

Game 3

Moscosco Vs McCarthy

Venue moves to the Tsunamis Stadium. No scoring until the bottom of the 4th when the Tsunamis get a two out single followed by an error by pence to score an Unearned run. Top of 6th the Stars tie the game as Crisp reaches first on an error by Napoli. He scores on a single by Pedroia. Bottom of 6th the Tsnamis get a one out double by downs followed by a double by napoli to score the go ahead run. Top of 8th Salty gets on with one out by an error by MacDonald. PR Campana Steal Second and gets caught stealing third. Top of 9th pedroia gets on with a lead off single Steals Second goes to third on a fly ball by Kemp. Stars fail to Sac and both Helton and Pence Strikeout to end the Game. Tsumnamis win 2 to 1.

Tsunamis now lead series 2-1.

Game 4

Latos VS Kennedy

Kennedy scatters 3 hits across nine innings a pitches a Shut out.Top of Second Pence gets a single goes to second on a Peralta walk, Pence then scores when Pedroia hits into a Double play. Pence Better known as HFP gets solo HR in the 4th another single in the 6th and a single and RBI in the 8th going 4 for 4. Kemp Scores in the 8th on Pence's single. Stars win this one 3 to 0.
Series now tied 2-2 and games are delayed until Wednesday Night.

Game 5

Weaver Vs Kurudo

Bottom of 1st the Stars get a walk by Crisp who later scores on a single by Peralta. Weaver gives up a solo HR to Konerko in the 4th for the Tsunamis first hit. Bottom of 6th Salty gets a lead off single PR Campana who steals second. Kemp and Crisp each SAC to score Campana. A one out Walk by Kemp and a Stolen Base followed by a walk to Helton and a two out single from Peralta allows Kemp to score an insurance run. Lidge Pitches 3 innings to secure the win for the Stars 3 to 1.

Stars take Series lead 3 games to 2.

Game 6

Cuerto VS Fister

Tsunamis Score in bottom of second on a 1 out walk to Hamilton followed by a double from Gomez. After a strikeout by Konerko Zobrist rips a double to bring in 2 runs. No more Scoring until HFP Hunter F****** Pence gets a solo HR. Tsunamis squash the threat and win game 6 by a score of 2 to 1.

Series now tied 3 Games a Piece.

Game 7

McCarthy VS Moscosco

Stars go for broke with a two out single by Helton. Peralta Hit and Run scores Helton by smashing a double. 2nd inning Tsnamis get a lead off Double by Hamilton but gets stranded as the next three go down in order. Bottom of the inning LOCAL HERO HEISEY GETS A SOLO HR with one out follwed by a double from Torrealba. descalso flies out but Crisp Rips a double scoring Torrealba. Kemp then gets a Single to score Crisp and the Stars take a commanding 4 run lead after two innings. Tsunamis Load the bases in the 5th and 6th and get nothing for it. 7th inning Bautista gets a lead off Double. Jeter gets a single and Napoli walks to load the bases again. Cabrera grounds into a double play but scores Bautista. Hamilton gets an earfull from manager Craig and then rips a double to score Jeter. Cutting the Stars lead to 4 to 2. 7th Inning the Tsnamis get a lead off Solo HR from Konerko to cut lead to 4 to 3. 9th Inning Jeter gets a lead off Double followed by a double by Napoli. Manager Craig PR Young. Cabrera grounds out moving the runner to Third. With the go ahead runner on third and One out Stars management baffled at Manger Craigs' decision not to Sac in the go ahead run. The Stars then record a Strikeout by Hamilton and a fly out by Morse to end the top half of ninth. The tenth and eleventh inning both teams fail to get a base runner. 12th Inning Stars get a two out walk by Descalso and a succesful Hit and run by Crisp put runners on 1st and Third. Kemp fails to bring home the runners when he grounds out. Top of 13th Konerko stikesout Zobrist Singles Ianetta is then Hit by Pitch putting the go ahead run on second. Bautista Grounds into a DP to end the Threat. Bottom of 13th Stars get a one out Double by Peralta. Cuddyer Steps to the plate. Roll shows Rare play Under 40 Stars drop a 33 result a 10. Tsunamis drop a die a 6 Fielding 3. Single Runner Peralta Scores Ending the Chance of our first 4 time Champion and securing a 5 to 4 Victory for the Shooting Stars.

Stars win Series and Second Title in 3 years 4 games to 3 over the defending Champs.

Manager Kevin begins Celebration with a Double Captain-N- Coke and reviewing next year cards preparing to defend the title.


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