Jim's Live Tapes

I've been taping shows for over 20 years now. I started out with a AIWA cassette walkman and a cheap mic back on September 17, 1986. I've upgraded a few times since then.  I traded live cassettes from 1986 to 1991, but I decided to stop because I just didn't have enough free time.  My current list is made up primarily of shows that I've recorded, so most of the 1000+ cassettes that I received from trading are not included.  Most other shows come from Bittorrent downloads. I post all of my recordings at Dimeadozen. I try to get them online within 48 hours of the show.  

My Rules

Everything is for TRADE only. I will not sell ANY tapes for ANY reason. I do not trade for blanks.

I prefer to trade on CD, but will consider DAT or cassette for certain bands.

Please do not write on the CD's, and let me know if there are other things added to the end of a show.

All CD's MUST be recorded DAO with no gaps between songs.

Old Equipment

9/17/86 - 3/13/87

AIWA cassette walkman with a cheap mic

4/27/87 - 11/25/88

Sony Pro Cassette D3 with included mic.

12/03/88 - 2/28/92

Sony Pro Cassette D6 with Sony ECM-909 mic.

4/13/92 - 5/31/97

Sony DAT D3 with Sony ECM-S220 mic.

6/01/97 6/19/06

Sony DAT D8 with Hifi S&S Mic.

6/20/06 7/6/06

Sony DAT D* with Core Sound HEB 4060 Mic.

Current Equipment

Edirol R9 (24bit / 48k)

Core Sound HEB 4060 Mic

Adobe Audition 3.0

CD Wave 1.97

Click HERE for my list of live tapes.

Send email to radioheadusa@comcast.net.