Bay Area Bike Rides by Ray Hosler


Purisima Creek Road couldn't be drier. It's like a summer's day in January. A bridge is closed to truck traffic, but open for everyone else. Jan. 26, 2014

Main entrance to Big Basin State Park, Hwy 236, on a glorious warm day. Oct. 20, 2013.


On a clear, warm day nothing beats a ride on the Alviso levees. Oct. 6, 2013

mt hamilton east view

Mt. Hamilton summit before the descent of the eastern slope. On a clear day you can see the Sierra from here. September 22, 2013

It's hard to believe this bridge at the end of paved Stevens Canyon Road is more than five years old. Plants are encroaching from below. Hot day but cool in the canyon. Sept. 7, 2013


Los Gatos Creek and the Wrights Station Road bridge was the site of the town of Wrights and the Wrights Tunnel, at the end of the bridge and a hundred yards beyond. It's a nice ride down Wrights Station Road. August 25, 2013


Big Dipper at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Sunday turned out to be cool at the coast, hot inland. It made for a difficult ride up Zayante Road. August 18, 2013.


Dumbarton Bridge looking east. Note the old railroad bridge on the right, burned by locals who feared a commuter train going through their community. August 11, 2013

49ers stadium

San Francisco 49ers stadium from Tasman Drive. Scheduled to open in 2014. August 11, 2013

Hecker Pass

Hecker Pass looks a lot like this in August, usually foggy. Hwy 152 is narrow, but on the descent toward Watsonville, you can keep up with traffic. August 4, 2013


Skyline Boulevard overlooking Old LaHonda Road and the Pacific Ocean, July 21, 2013.

David Bruce Winery on Bear Creek Road near summit, June 16, 2013.


Purisima Creek Road where the hard climbing begins about three miles up from the paved road. June 2, 2013.

Tunitas Creek Road near where the hard climbing begins several miles up from the coast, May 26, 2013.

Forest of Nisene Marks near the summit before the long descent on Aptos Creek Fire Road, May 19, 2013.

Forest of Nisene Marks at Aptos Creek where old bridge was wiped out by flood in 1983. May, 19, 2013.

Gazos Creek Road before the narrows where creek and road merged in the great flood of 1983, May 5, 2013.

Bridge Trail over Pescadero Creek in Pescadero Creek County Park, April 28, 2013.


Henry Coe State Park entrance on a mild spring day. April 7, 2013.

mounthamilton april 2013
Mt. Hamilton a few miles up from Alum Rock Park, April 21, 2013.

Thomas Grade a mile up from Dunne Avenue in Morgan Hill, April 7, 2013.

Stevens Creek, the last creek ford on the descent of Stevens Canyon. March 29, 2013.

Alpine Road overlook with a view to the east. December 24, 2012.

Alpine Road U turn at Alpine Ranch. December 9, 2012.


Montebello Road summit on a cold, clear day, looking north. November 24, 2012.

Entrance to Butano Fire Road at China Grade. October 7, 2012.

Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur coast. Day 2 of a two-day ride. May 8, 2011.

Gazos Creek Road at site of former fire station and White House Canyon Road intersection. October 4, 2010.

Alpine Road at the Heritage Grove starting climb. September 9, 2010.

Mt. Eden Road and Stevens Canyon Road on a mild-weather day. June 3, 2010.

henry coe south

Henry Coe State Park south entrance from Gilroy Hot Springs. December 2, 2007.

Tunitas Creek Road sun

Tunitas Creek Road near Skyline as the sun breaks through the fog. August 22, 2008.

fremont peak

Mission Peak summit in Fremont looking north. Advisable for mounain bikes only. November 9, 2006.

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