Bay Area Bike Rides by Ray Hosler

2008 Weekly Home Page Pictures

alpine road west
Alpine Road at Alpine Ranch, Dec. 28, 2008

page mill road
A cold, rainy day on Skyline. Looking at Santa Clara Valley from Page
Mill Road. Dec. 14, 2008.

Montebello Road
Montebello Road summit looking northwest. December 2008

Windy Hill
Windy Hill in June 1981 and today. Most of the riders in this photo are still
riding strong. Near the start of the descent on Spring Hill Road. Dec. 7, 2008

Wood Road Almaden Quicksilver
Castillero Trail at the junction to Wood Road on left. Almaden Quicksilver
County Park. November 23, 2008

Johansen Road
Johansen Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in great shape. A day of
record warm weather. November 16, 2008.

Hicks Road
Shoes hanging over Hicks Road at Guadalupe Reservoir. November 2008

Saratoga Creek Trail
Saratoga Creek Trail south of Bollinger Road next to Lawrence
Expressway. November 2008

Old La Honda
This former logging road starts about a tenth of a mile
below the junction of Old La Honda Road and Skyline
Boulevard. It goes to Portola Road. October 2008

Montebello Road
Montebello Road turns to dirt past the green gate. October 2008

Stevens Canyon Road
Here's a nice bridge built at taxpayer expense at the far end of Stevens
Canyon Road. I think it services a total of two houses. September 2008

Mt. Hamilton Dirt Road
The dirt road to the right is the former Mt. Hamilton Road on the backside
of the mountain. August 2008

Eureka Canyon Fire
Fire consumed both sides of Eureka Canyon Road in the higher reaches.
August 2008

Purisima creek bridge
Purisima Creek Road at the first of three bridges. August 2008

Tunitas Creek Road
Tunitas Creek Road about 1.5 miles from Skyline Boulevard on a nice
summer day. August 23, 2008

Haul Road
The Haul Road rolls from Pescadero Road to Portola State Park. It goes to
Highway 9, but it crosses private property in Santa Cruz County. July 2008

Old Santa Cruz Hwy
Old Santa Cruz Hwy near Hwy 17. A wooden bridge on a concrete road.
July 2008

Honor Farm Road
Pescadero Creek County Park's "honor camp road" used to go to a county
youth jail, now closed. July 2008

summit road and Mt. Madonna Rd.
Giant redwood at the intersection of Summit Road and Mt. Madonna Road. July 2008

Mt. Hamilton summit
From the summit of Mt. Hamilton look down on Santa Clara Valley and
marvel at the view. July 2008

Crystal Springs Dam
Crystal Springs Reservoir, built in 1890. Starting in late2010 the road
will be closed for dam repairs for several years. June 2008.

Peach Hill road
Peach Hill Road in Saratoga offers a steep climb past splendid homes.
June 2008

Stage Road
Imagine the stage coach stopping here in the 1800s. San Gregorio
store in the background. June 2008

Stage Road winding
Stage Road north of Pescadero draws cyclists on weekends. June 2008

Fambrini's Farm
Fambrini's farm and produce stand, off Highway 1 three miles south of
Davenport, can't be missed. May 2008

Berry Creek Fill Up
Early motorists used this tributary of Berry Creek to fill their
radiators deep in Big Basin State Park on Gazos Creek Road. May 2008

Hecker Pass Road
Hecker Pass between Gilroy and Watsonville has its share of fog.
May 2008

Gilroy Hot Springs
This bridge spans Coyote Creek just short of Gilroy Hot Springs. The resort
is closed but the state of California owns the property. We may one day
see the resort open again. May 2008

Redwood Retreat Road
Redwood Retreat Road is the gateway to the steep Mt. Madonna Road.
Low gears required. April 2008

Schulties Road
Will Schulties Road ever be repaved? I doubt it, but
I'm not complaining. April 2008

Water Spigot
A spring on the backside of Mt. Hamilton, now maintained by a
local resident who appreciates a drink of spring water. April 2008

Mindego Hill
A time to be inspired, Mindego Hill from Alpine Road. March 2008

Sumnmit Road
A cold day on Summit Road a couple miles north of Hwy 17. March

Summit Road
A sweet spot on Summit Road near the junction with Gist Road.
February 2008