Bay Area Bike Rides by Ray Hosler

Mountain Charlie Tunnel East


Mountain Charlie East

Mtn. Charlie Tunnel, Glenwood portal, is right off of the Glenwood Highway and
Mtn. Charlie Road intersection, left of the Bean Creek bridge. The tunnel is
caved in just inside the entrance.

rails pulled up
Sadly, the rails were ripped out in the early 1940s.
This is Los Gatos Creek below Lexington Reservoir.

los gatos creek supports
Rail supports remain to carry a water pipe, which has been removed. 1998

supports 2010
Bridge supports are still there, but they're obscured by trees today.
The water pipe was removed. 2010.

los gatos canyon
The track ran through the Wildcat Canyon. It
followed the Los Gatos Creek Trail over the flat
section, but then headed closer to the creek. Of
course, the route is long since gone, but it went
through what is now Lexington Dam and reservoir.