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Well, spring is theoretically here although where I live in the New York City metropolitan area, the weather's been chilly lately. I've had it with cold weather! Well anyway, everyone who has seen the home page of my website knows I've had articles published in Films of the Golden Age. A total of six articles to be exact. My latest article, about the collaborative films of actress Miriam Hopkins and director Rouben Mamoulian, the 1931 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Becky Sharp, was published in issue number 63, winter 2010-11.


The latest issue of Films of the Golden Age, number 64, spring 2011, has just been published and I've received a little feedback in the "Letters to the Editor" or "Hollywords" as it's called here, section. One reader, Robert Milroy of Rhinebeck, NY, said he enjoyed my article but "I disagree with the author's claim that the 1941 Jekyll and Hyde version is a pallid version. Ingrid Bergman's performance...[in Hopkins' role]...was great...I was 14 when I saw this film and I was entranced by it."


I still believe that the 1931 version is superior to the 1941 remake but the motion picture, like all mediums in the arts, is a subjective medium. A certain film may be disappointing to one individual but the same film may be enthralling to another individual. Therefore I respect any viewpoint, even if it differs from my own, as long as it's diplomatic. I certainly respect your perspective, Mr. Milroy. And I'm glad you enjoyed my article.


By the way, a new biography of Miriam Hopkins is in the works. The author, Allan Ellenberger, hopes to have it completed by September of this year. A biography of this extraordinary and overlooked actress has been long overdue. I, for one, look forward to its publication.


I am currently planning more reviews for my Cinema Update column in the Alternative Press and I am also working on a biography of Bela Lugosi for teenagers and young adults. Ta ta for now!

Raymond Valinoti, Jr.