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Here is the Web Page of Raymond Valinoti, Jr. This freelance writer and researcher is currently working on a new book about the Universal horror classic The Invisible Man and its various sequels and knockoffs. His articles on film have been published in the magazines Midnight Marquee and Films of the Golden Age.

Another Nice Mess(1)

Currently in print is Another Nice Mess: The Laurel and Hardy Story. This book examines the individual lives and joint career of Stan and Laurel and Oliver Hardy, arguably the greatest comedy duo in history.


Laurel, playing a placid dimwit, and Hardy, playing his blustery partner, captivated filmgoers and theatregoers for over thirty years with their lovable personalities and humorous antics. Their partnership also resulted in a close and touching friendship. And nearly half a century after their deaths, their films remain popular all across the world. Another Nice explains what made Laurel and Hardy such an extraordinary comedy team and why they are still remembered and beloved today. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. To purchase this book, order it at Amazon.com or at the publisher's website at  http://bearmanormedia.bizland.com/id522.html


Born in Greenwich, CT, Raymond now lives in Berkeley Heights, NJ. He majored in History at Seton Hall University where he reviewed films for the college paper The Setonian. Graduating from Seton Hall with a Bachelor's in Arts, Magna Cum Laude, Raymond went on to get a Master's in Library Science from Rutgers University.


When he isn't writing or researching, Raymond enjoys attending meetings at the New York City Chapter of the Sons of the Desert, a Laurel and Hardy fan club.

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Raymond Valinoti, Jr.