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Rehoboth Welsh Chapel (Capel Cymraeg Rehoboth) is located in Delta, Pennsylvania, USA (in Southern York County, where the Susquehanna River crosses the Mason-Dixon Line). It is a non-denominational Christian church which specializes in conducting religious services and musical events in the Welsh tradition. It regularly conducts bi-lingual (Welsh/English) worship services. To see a history of the church, click here.

A worship service is held at the church on Sundays. (See the link to events here to see the times.) There is also a Welsh Language Class which meets on Sundays to study conversational Welsh. Both the class and the service are open to everyone. There is no charge for the Welsh language instruction and beginners are welcome at any time.

The worship services of the Church are varied to meet the spiritual needs of a wide group of people, from the stately traditional liturgies of classical Western Christianity, to the evangelical enthusiasm of the hymn-singing festivals. The one feature that is common to all of our services is the love of singing, and that is revealed in the joy that we experience. Of course, as Celts, we also love to sing sad songs! Either way, our worship leaves us better prepared to meet whatever we might encounter in our lives.

The larger part of our services is conducted in English, and the portions that are in Welsh are clearly explained so that everyone can follow even if they know no Welsh at all. We would love to have you visit us, because we take pleasure in sharing our heritage with the community.


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The Rev. Richard Price Baskwill is the Pastor of Rehoboth.

On the first Sunday in May and the second Sunday in October the church holds a Gymanfa Ganu (Singing Festival) at 2:30 P.M. These highly popular events draw hundreds of visitors from throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. Click here or here for samples!

For more information about events at Rehoboth, click here.

Do you think that Welsh must be a difficult language to learn? Well, our Welsh language class at Rehoboth has been thinking about that question. (We are adults with English as our native language, and most of us have some knowledge of another language besides Welsh.) We have been examining other languages of the world partly to increase our familiarity with non-English languages and partly to determine patterns that are common to Welsh or English. While doing this, we have noted that some languages would be easier than Welsh for an English-speaking person to learn, some would be harder, and some would be about the same. We believe that we have laid to rest forever the old myth that "Welsh must be difficult to learn!" Of the 78 languages which we evaluated, we found 15 to be easier, 14 to be about the same, and 49 to be harder to learn than Welsh! Click here to see a detailed report on our results!

Rehoboth enjoys close ties with several organizations in Wales. The Chapel has hosted concerts by several visiting choirs from Wales, including the Oakdale Youth Choir, the South Glamorgan Youth Choir, and Côr Meibion Brythoniaid from North Wales. The church has twice sponsored tours of the Washington-Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York area by Côr Meibion Pendyrus (Pendyrus Male Choir) from the Rhondda, South Wales.

As a result of the inspiring visit of the Pendyrus Male Choir in 1984, members of Rehoboth Welsh Church formed an independent concert choir of their own named Rehoboth Welsh Choir (Côr Cymraeg Rehoboth). The choir has grown and flourished. In 1992 it conducted a concert tour of Wales and won a prize at the prestigious and highly competitive Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales. In 1998 it conducted a concert tour of Wales, England and France, culminating in a concert at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The choir continues to have an active concert schedule.

Rehoboth was also the sponsoring organization for the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu (an annual event in which about 2,000 people take part in musical and cultural events) held in Harrisburg, PA in 1995. The Church, along with Rehoboth Welsh Choir (Côr Cymraeg Rehoboth) and the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association, sponsored it again in 2002.

Delta, along with its sister community of Cardiff, Maryland, has a strong Welsh cultural heritage. The communities celebrated the First Annual Delta-Cardiff Heritage Festival in 1997. It was a great success! The Annual Festivals continue this successful tradition. Click here for information about the Festival.

We are proud to maintain the Welsh heritage in our area.

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Our mailing address is P.O. Box 248, Delta, PA 17314. Our physical location is 1029 Atom Road, which is just on the northeastern edge of Delta's Main Street.

Christmas Eve at Rehoboth

Christmas Eve

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Directions to the Church:
From York, PA - PA route 74 south. Turn left onto PA route 851 (Broad Street Extended). Travel approximately 1.5 miles. Turn left on Main Street and proceed one block to Church on left.
From Baltimore, MD - U.S. route 1 north. Turn left onto MD route 136. Proceed about 7 miles. Turn right onto MD route 165. Proceed less than one mile to next intersection and turn right onto Dooley Road (shopping mall on corner). Proceed less than one mile to stop sign and turn left onto Main Street. Proceed one mile to Church on left.
From the North part of the Baltimore Beltway, take Exit 27 to Dulaney Valley Road North, Maryland Route 146 (the next exit East of York Road). Bear left after crossing the bridge over Loch Raven Reservoir to continue on Route 146, which becomes the Jarrettsville Pike. Continue straight on 146, through Jacksonville, until reaching Madonna. Turn right at the stoplight onto Route 23. Turn left onto Route 165 at the light in Jarrettsville (Dodge car dealership on the corner). After going through the intersection with Route 136, turn right at the next road, which will be Dooley Road (supermarket in strip mall). Proceed to the stop sign and turn left onto Main Street. The red-brick church will be one mile up Main Street on the left. Ample parking at the rear of the church.

Estimated driving time from the Baltimore Beltway is 45 minutes.

For a map and possible alternate routes, go to this link:
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Map of Main St
Delta, PA 17314-8953

Interior of the

Sunday School Room

(New cabinets by Tom Shaffer.)

And now, here is a quiz for you! The Welsh hymn tunes listed below are in almost all Christian hymnals. Some of the most common words used and their authors are shown. How many of the tunes can you identify? (If you don't remember, click on the name to hear it!)

Aberystwyth: (Music: Joseph Parry, 1879)
1) JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL (Lyrics: Charles Wesley)
Ar Hyd Y Nos: (Traditional Welsh tune)
Arfon :
1) THRONED UPON THE AWFUL TREE (Lyrics: John Ellerton, 1875)
(Music: French and Welsh melody; arranged by Hugh Davies, 1906)
Ash Grove: (Traditional Welsh tune)
1) THE MASTER HATH COME (Lyrics: Sarah Doudney, 1871)
Bangor: (Music: William Tans'ur, 1734)
1) O ZION OPEN WIDE THY GATES (Lyrics: Jean Baptiste De Santeuil, in the Paris Breviary, 1680)
Blaenhafren: WE ARE LIVING, WE ARE DWELLING (Lyrics: Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Athanasion, 1840) (Music: traditional Welsh melody)
Blaenwern: (Music: William P. Rowlands, 1905)
1) WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS (Lyrics: Joseph Medlicott Scriven, 1855. Scriven wrote this hymn to comfort his mother, who was across the sea from him in Ireland. It was originally published anonymously, and Scriven did not receive full credit for almost 30 years)
2) LOVE DIVINE, ALL LOVES EXCELLING (Lyrics: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788)
Bryn Calfaria: (Music: William Owen, 1852)
1) BLESSED LORD, IN THEE IS REFUGE (Lyrics: Herbert Howard Booth, 1886)
2) LOOK, YE SAINTS! THE SIGHT IS GLORIOUS (Lyrics: Thomas Kelly, 1809)
3) LORD, ENTHRONED IN HEAVENLY SPLENDOR (Lyrics: George Hugh Bourne, 1874)
4) TAKE ME AS I AM, O SAVIOUR (Lyrics: Pantycelyn, 1716-1791)
Calon Lan:
1) ABBA, FATHER! WE APPROACH THEE (Lyrics: James George Deck, Hymns for the Poor of the Flock (appendix), 1841 edition)
2) I SEEK NOT LIFE'S EASE AND PLEASURES (Lyrics: Gwyrosydd, 1847-1920)
(Music: John Hughes)
Cambria: HERE FROM THE WORLD WE TURN (Lyrics: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby, 1876) (Music: Welsh melody, Bristol Tune Book, 1876)
Cwm Rhondda: (Music: John Hughes, Treorchy, 1873-1932)
Ebenezer: (Music: Thomas John Williams, 1890 )
1) O THE DEEP, DEEP LOVE OF JESUS (Lyrics: Samuel Trevor Francis, 1875)
2) ONCE TO EVERY MAN AND NATION (Lyrics: James Russell Lowell, in the Boston Courier, December 11, 1845)
3) ROUND THE LORD IN GLORY SEATED (Lyrics: Richard Mant, Ancient Hymns, 1837; this is part of the longer hymn Bright the Vision that Delighted)
4) SEND THY SPIRIT (Lyrics: W. E. Winks)
Eifionydd: WHO IS THIS SO WEAK AND HELPLESS (Lyrics: William Walsham How, in the 1867 Supplement to Morrell and How's Psalms and Hymns) (Music: John Ambrose Lloyd, Sr. , 1815-1874)
Erfyniad: HERE, O MY LORD, I SEE THEE (Lyrics: Horatius Bonar, 1855. Bonar wrote this hymn at his brother's request. Its first public appearance was in October 1855 in Horatius Bonar's church. Later that same year, St. Andrew's Free Church in Greenock, Scotland, issued it in pamphlet form) (Music: Welsh hymn melody, harmonized by David Evans, 1920)
Hyfrydol: (Music Rowland Huw Prichard, 1830)
1) ALLELUIA! SING TO JESUS! (Lyrics: William Chatterton Dix, 1867)
2) BLEST THE MAN THAT FEARS JEHOVAH (Lyrics: The Psalter, 1912)
3) CALL JEHOVAH THY SALVATION (Lyrics: James Montgomery, 1822)
4) COME, THOU LONG EXPECTED JESUS (Lyrics: Charles Wesley, Hymns for the Nativity of Our Lord, 1744)
5) CRADLED IN A MANGER, MEANLY (Lyrics: George Stringer Rowe, 1830-1913)
6) HEARTS TO HEAVEN AND VOICES RAISE (Lyrics: Christopher Wordsworth, 1872)
7) HOLY GHOST, DISPEL OUR SADNESS (Lyrics: Paul Gerhardt, in Praxis Pietatis)
8) JESUS, I MY CROSS HAVE TAKEN (Lyrics: Henry Francis Lyte, 1824, revised 1833)
9) JESUS! WHAT A FRIEND FOR SINNERS (Lyrics: John Wilbur Chapman, 1910)
10) LORD, THY GLORY FILLS THE HEAVEN (Lyrics: Richard Mant, 1837)
11) HERE IS FOUND A TABERNACLE (Lyrics: Ann Griffiths, 1776-1805)
Llanfair : (Music: Robert Williams, 1817; harmony by John Roberts, 1837)
1) HAIL THE DAY THAT SEES HIM RISE (Lyrics: Charles Wesley, Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1742)
2) JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY (Lyrics: 14th Century Bohemian Latin carol (Surrexit Christus hodie). Stanza 1, translated in Lyra Davidica, 1708; stanza 2 from John Arnold's Complete Psalmist, 1749; stanza 3, Charles Wesley, 1707-1788)
3) LET THE WHOLE CREATION CRY (Lyrics: Stopford Augustus Brooke, 1881)
4) PRAISE THE LORD, GOD'S GLORIES SHOW (Lyrics: Henry Francis Lyte, Spirit of the Psalms, 1834)
5) DRAWING NEARER ARE THE DAYS (Lyrics: Pantycelyn, 1716-1791)
Llanfyllin: O JESUS, I HAVE PROMISED (Lyrics: John Ernest Bode, 1868) (Music: traditional Welsh melody, published 1865)
Llangloffan: (Music: Welsh melody from Hymnau a Thonau, by D. Evans, 1865)
1) O GOD OF EARTH AND ALTAR (Lyrics: Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1906)
2) REJOICE, REJOICE, BELIEVERS (Lyrics: Laurentius Laurenti, Evangelica Melodica, 1700 (Emuntert euch, ihr Frommen); translated from German to English by Sarah Borthwick Findlater, 1854)
3) LEAD ON, O KING ETERNAL (Lyrics: Ernest W. Shurtleff, 1862-1917)
1) THAT DAY OF WRATH (Lyrics: Thomas of Celano, 13th Century (Dies Irae); translated from Latin to English by Walter Scott, 1805)
2) COME, GRACIOUS LORD (Lyrics: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748)
(Music: Griffith Hugh Jones, 1849-1919)
Meirionydd: (Music: William Freeman Lloyd, 1840)
1) O GOD, TO US SHOW MERCY (Lyrics: The Psalter, 1912)
2) O JESUS, WE ADORE THEE (Lyrics: Arthur Tozer Russell, 1851)
3) THE VOICE OF GOD IS CALLING (Lyrics: John Haynes Holmes, 1913)
Rachie :
1) ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS (Lyrics: Sabine Baring-Gould, 1834-1924)
2) HARK! THE SOUNDS OF SINGING (Lyrics: Charles Coller, 1863-1935)
(Music: Caradog Roberts, 1897-1935)
1) ARISE, O GOD, AND SHINE (Lyrics: William Hurn, Psalms & Hymns, 1813)
(Music: John David Edwards, in Original Sacred Music Composed and Arranged by the Rev. John Edwards, B. A., Jesus College, Oxford, 1840)
Rhuddlan: JUDGE ETERNAL, THRONED IN SPLENDOR (Lyrics: Henry Scott Holland, 1902) (Music: traditional Welsh melody)
St.Denio : (Music: Welsh melody; from Canaidau y Cyssegr, by John Roberts, 1839)
1) IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, GOD ONLY WISE (Lyrics: Walter Chalmers Smith, Hymns of Christ and the Christian Life, 1876)
2) SOUND OVER ALL WATERS (Lyrics: John Greenleaf Whittier, 1873)
3) THOUGH TROUBLES ASSAIL US (Lyrics: John Newton, Olney Hymns. London: W. Oliver, 1779)
4) HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION (Lyrics: "K" Rippon's Selection 1787)

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