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A few HOMM V magazine sightings.

Game Informer, Juner 2005 issue 146, page 100

Computer Gaming World, July/August 2005, issue 253, page 32 - 33

Finally Game spy has a HOMM V preview.



Welcome to the relaunch of Rob's Might & Magic Page. I imagine that the people who check out this page every couple weeks just fell out of their chairs. The long promised update has arrived. Recent events have cause me to awake this page from its long sleep. UBIsoft announced in March O5 the development of Heroes of Might & Magic V. I remember there was also in development was a massive multiplayer online edition of Heroes of Might & Magic aimed at the chinese market. Don't know if that is still in the works or even if UBIsoft is bringing it to a global audience. read somewhere that Gameloft is developing a Game Boy Advance Might & Magic that appears to be an action title. Also there are rumors of Might & Magic X. Most importantly though, as of February 2005 this page will have been online for 10 years! Sure its been mostly dormant since the turn of the century but I've managed to keep this going one way or another. An update here or there and answering email. This point forward I'm planning at least weekly updates. Now I don't plan on becoming the definitive source on all things Might & Might. There are many other excellent sites and I'm just one guy working on a web page.

I'm probably going to move this website at some time soon and get a real webhost but I don't know when in the future that will be.

If you need to contact me, email me at

Rob Merritt


UBIsoft has released some Heroes of Might & Magic 5 media for E3

The official web site has some screen shots

The official E3 Trailer for HOMM V



For those who have stumbled on my page early, I'm just starting to redesign. Yes I know I've been working on a redesign for ages but all the previous versions suck. Look for a new section to open up with each update.

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