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What's WRONG with ENDF/B?

More Important, how can we FIX it?


Based on my over 40 years experience, this is a new series of

reports, documenting some of the shortcoming of ENDF/B.


But more important, I define how to FIX these shortcomings.

Adobe PDF How Accurate Are Our Processed ENDF Cross Sections? INDC(NDS)-0666, Distr, J, May 2014

Adobe PDF PROGRAM ENDF2C: Convert ENDF Data to Standard FORTRAN, X and C++ Format (Version 2014-1), IAEA-NDS-217, April 2014;

XXXXXXXthe code is available for FREE on-line at,

Adobe PDF  ENDF/X: an Extended ENDF Format (Evolution, not Revolution), December, 2012

Adobe PDF  ENDF/B-VII.1 vesus ENDF/B-VII.0: What's Different?, LLNL-TR-548633, March, 2012

Adobe PDF  Doppler Broadening Update: Broadening near the Unresolved Resonance Region, LLNL-TR-534931, January 2012

Adobe PDF  A Short History of ENDF/B Unresolved Resonance Parameters, LLNL-TR-461199, October 2010

Adobe PDF  ENDF Cross Sections are not Uniquely Defined, LLNL-TR-446331, June 2010


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